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  1. Jessie

    This is not working on IOS 8. My iPad was disabled. After I restored it is on iOS8. Then my yahoo account contacts can’t sync to iPad contacts.

  2. Suzy

    I also have a problem syncing my ipad with yahoo (contacts only – the mail itself is fine) on IOS8 – is this a glitch, or is there something really obvious I’m missing. Have followed all the steps above.

  3. Suzy

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the response. I have tried the carddav account method, however only some of my yahoo contacts are synced, and not others. Any ideas why this would be??

    • Matt

      you are welcome. If you have just added yahoo contacts, there could be a delay. I have seen this on my iPad +iOS 8, not all contacts synced to iPad immediately. I also tried to add a new contact to yahoo account from the web mail, and it appears on my iPad about 20 mins later. Maybe you can wait couple of hours see if any change, please keep us posted, as other iPad users may have met the same issue as well.

  4. Suzy

    Hi Matt
    Can I check – is the password to the carddav account the same as my normal yahoo login, or should this be a ‘one-time-password’. I read this on this website, but don’t know how to generate one.

    • Matt

      I used my regular password, the same as I login yahoo from web browsers, and it passed through.
      I am reading the link you shared. Some yahoo users seems need to use an app password to log in yahoo from a third party app.
      I am still reading it, will let you know if I found anything.

  5. Suzy

    Hi Matt. Using the one-time password seemed to solve the problem thankfully. Shame it has to be so complicated!! Thanks for your help. Cheers. Suzy

    • Matt

      Hi Suzy,
      you are welcome. Thanks for sharing with us the solution.

  6. Donna


    I upgraded my iPad to iOS 8 without issue last week. This morning it just stopped syncing. I rebooted the iPad, deleted the mail account and added it back. Upgraded to iOS 8.1.1. Deleted the mail account again and added it back. Nothing is working. It still says “checking for mail” but then comes back to “updated at 6:15 am”. Any thoughts?

    • Matt

      Try to send an email using this Yahoo mail account on iPad to another email address see if it can go through.
      Also try to send an email to this Yahoo account from a different email address if it can receive emails.
      Let me know how it works?

  7. Donna


    The test email coming from this iPad worked fine, but it is still not receiving emails. I have another older iPad, and it’s receiving emails to this account without issue.

    • Matt


      I begin to believe it could be a problem of Yahoo mail server. They may be working on something that affect the sync with iOS 8 or iOS 8.1.1. Since you set up the same Yahoo account on two iPad with the same settings, and find it works fine on the old iPad, but not the new iPad. You may need to wait for several hours, one or two days, as Yahoo may fix it later. We have noticed similiar issue with Hotmail when iOS 8 just released (that was discussed on this page: http://www.iosappweekly.com/setup-hotmail-email-account-on-ipad/).

      When you can send email from Yahoo account, means the SMTP server settings are fine. The problem on your new iPad is its IMAP server which you receive emails using it. A quick fix to make your Yahoo mail work instantly on the new iPad is to set up Yahoo account on it as the typical IMAP mail manually. When you set it up following above tutorial, you have no chance to manually configure its IMAP settings, iOS mail will input most settings for you automatically. To set up email as IMAP, you can follow steps covered in this guide: http://www.softwarert.com/setup-imap-email-ipad/ and make sure to use below IMAP settings for Yahoo account:

      Yahoo Mail IMAP server address: imap.mail.yahoo.com
      Yahoo Mail IMAP user name: Your complete Yahoo email address
      Yahoo Mail IMAP password: Your Yahoo email password
      Yahoo Mail SMTP server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
      most other settings are optional

  8. Jennifer

    Thanks.. i had this suddenly happen to my iPad Air, but setting up another email account under “other” and using the IMAP directions fixed it.

    • Matt

      You are welcome.

  9. Donna


    I waited a couple of days as you suggested to see if Yahoo would fix the problem, but they didn’t. I followed your suggestions and my e-mail is working again!

    • Matt

      You are welcome. It is my pleasure.

  10. Mike

    I cant get past the Yahoo user and password. I enter my full Yahoo email address and my password, and I get an error message that “user name or password is incorrect. try again.” I know the username (email address) and password are being entered correctly because I can access the account via Safari. I am on iPad with IOS 8.1.2

    • Matt

      Normally as long as you have the right user id and password, the verification should go through almost instantly. If it takes some time and after a while errors out, you may try it again another time see if any update, as there might be a connection issue between your device and Yahoo mail server. The connection from web browser is different as email clients, because they use different email protocals, mail server ports, etc. So you might be able to log on from web browser, but not from other clients. If you have another device, such as an iPhone or other smartphone, you can also give it another shoot on the phone.

  11. Mike

    So does that mean I can no longer add or access Yahoo mail account on iPad?

    • Matt

      No. I guess it could be a temporary network issue or some problem on the Yahoo mail server. you can simply try another network or check back another time later.

  12. V

    I’m having the same problem with yahoo mail and deleting the account didn’t help and neither did manually entering it.

    • Matt

      Sorry for the late response. Is Yahoo mail working on your iPad now?

  13. Dee Dee

    Hi there,

    I am having trouble with my yahoo account on my iPad 4. I’m running iOS 8.1.2.

    In Mail settings, I have entered the correct password, it verifies (ticks for all information fields). But when I go to check mail, it looks like it’s “checking”, the message at the bottom says updated just now. I know it hasn’t been updated because the emails on my iPhone do not match with those on the iPad.

    When I check the settings, in particular the password, it has reverted back to a different password. I can change it, verify it, over and over, and it always reverts back!

    So, essentially, the password field, with the correct password, is not saving.

    Any ideas why this is happening, and what can be done to fix it?

    Thanks, and regards.


  14. Tj


    I am trying to add my yahoo email account.

    I have a iPad mini 2 using iOS 8.1.3

    When I try to add the email account, I get an error message asking me to go to http://www.yahoo.com to verify.

    I do so but nothing happens. Grrrrr.

    • Matt

      Have you checked Suzy’s comment above? It seems to be the ‘one-time password’ issue.
      Or maybe you can download Yahoo Mail app from App store.

  15. jgnewton

    I am trying to help my Dad with these issues on an iPad 2 I passed on to him.
    Yahoo mail was working fine until a couple of days ago. Now, he can send an email, but can’t received anything. I installed and uninstalled. I installed using “Other” rather than Yahoo with success, however that method doesn’t allow him to see the folders he has made for the various emails he wants to save.
    He is quite organized and really likes using FOLDERS.
    Any suggestions?

    • Matt

      It seems to be something wrong with Yahoo IMAP server. Was there any change on your iPad 2 recently, like iOS update? I have seen this issue with I just upgraded from iOS 7 to iOS 8, but the issue was resolved either from Apple or Yahoo side soon.
      Alternatively you can also download and use the Yahoo mail app instead.

  16. PGJU

    JGNewton, don’t worry, you are not alone in this problem with Yahoo Mail. I have had issues for about 8 months now where the mail will just stop synching and cannot be made to work. Then, weeks later, it will suddenly start working again. The delete the mail account and re-add it/re-add manually/reset the iPad/use the Yahoo Mail app fixes are all rubbish. The same issue reoccurs no matter what is done with the exception of the Yahoo Mail app, which is just plain unusable for me for one simple reason……all email links are opened in the Yahoo Mail app web browser. Since I use a password manager, this does not work for me. I just installed a new mail app to try today which seems to work, or I use the web browser, but I am not pleased with having to use either one. Since I cannot delete the mail app that comes with the iPad, I like to be able to fully use all the apps taking up real estate on my 64G. Until Marissa Mayer stops dicking up things at Yahoo, I am afraid we are stuck with a poorly functioning email system.switching everything to something else at this point will be vey laborious for me, but it is getting closer to a reality. Good luck!

    • Matt

      Thanks for the sharing.
      Yahoo mail seems to be problematic for iPhone iPad users. Hope it will be improved soon!

  17. PGJU

    So, an update. I tried the special one-time password per app and that did nothing. However, once I turned off the secondary security validation process, I have had no further problems with the mail app on the iPad. Not ideal, but there you have it.

  18. Pramod Kumar Maheshwari

    I am not able to change my password on iPAD. I am using iOS 5. Whenever I tried to change it reverted back to old one. Please help me to change the password.
    Thanks & regards
    Pramod Kumar Maheshwari

  19. Michael

    How do,I edit an email received so I can then forward to another person

    • Matt

      find and open the email in your Inbox folder on iPad, you will find the arrow icon which is just between the Delete and Compose icons at the top right corner. Tap on this Forward icon, you can then get a pop-up menu with options: Reply, Forward and Print. Choose Forward, you will see how to edit the email and send it to a contact from iPad.

  20. Steve Munford

    My problem is, when tap the add account, and get the window for inputting my name, yahoo address, and password, it allows me to enter everything except my password(which is grated out), and I can’t complete the process.

    • Matt

      which version of iOS is your iPad running on?

  21. Steve Munford

    iOS 8.01

    • jason xi

      my ipad has been upgraded to later version, thus i can’t replicate the issue on my end.
      firstly make sure your network speed is fast, try close the Mail app and re-launch it, go to add the email account see if any update. Or restart iPad and re-add the Yahoo account. If still no luck, you can download and use the Yahoo mail app from apple app store onto your iOS device.

  22. judy

    i recently purchased an ipad air 2. I can get my Yahoo mail, but it is not centered. The emails are on the far left side with a very large blank screen to view the message text. I want the emails to be centered and have the folders list stay on the left side. I want to click on the email to bring up the email message. I can’t find a way to change the view. Can you help me?

    • jason xi

      what’s the iOS version pls? can you send us some screenshots to illustrate the issue?

  23. Francine Reid

    can’t get back my email at yahoo on my iPad

    • jason xi

      hi, can you please elaborate the issue you met? is the emails lost unexpectedly, email account not working or else?

  24. Susanne

    Hi I recently deleted my yahoo.email account from my iPad air2 as it wasn’t fetching my emails. When I went to re-add it to my iPad it took me to my yahoo Edit Profile page so I can’t add it. The Apple technical support service said it was an yahoo issue but of course there is no way of getting ahold of anyone at Yahoo.i have the latest IOS. Thanks

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