Do you have private pictures, videos on iPhone that you do not want others to see? Sometimes you may want to allow others to use your phone but do not want them to find certain files and documents on the phone. For example, your kids may always want to look in your iPhone, play games with iPhone, etc. You can lock and hide private photos on iPhone using Folder Lock. In this guide, we will show you an easy way to password protect pictures on iPhone. You can also set up a PIN or pattern to protect other files and documents on iPhone follow below instructions.

How to lock and hide private photos on iPhone using Folder Lock?

You can firstly go to download this iPhone folder lock app on the phone. It is free to download and use on App Store. Run this app, you will be prompted to set up a security lock recovery email and set up a security lock on iPhone. After that all files and documents added to this security app will be protected with password, PIN or pattern. It adds an extra layer of security to protect sensitive, important, private files on iPhone. In this article, we will show you the easy steps to lock and hide private pictures on iPhone, such as nudes, screenshots of banking information, etc.

Run the iPhone file lock app, you will see its main interface like this.

iphone folder lock app main

Tap on Photos from above screen on iPhone, you will open all existing photo albums that are locked and protected by this iPhone security app. You can also create a new photo album to save and protect any private pictures. Open a photo album which you like to save your private photos, then tap on the + Add icon to show the options you can import photos to this file locker app. You will be able to add photos from Camera Roll to this photo locker app, or take new pictures and save them to the photo locker app without saving a copy of them to Camera roll on iPhone, you can also use its built-in Wi-Fi File transfer function to wirelessly send photos and image files from PC or Mac to iPhone over Wi-Fi.

import photos to folder lock on iphone

If you choose the first image import option from above screen, the file protection app will access your Camera Roll on iPhone, you can then browse to and select any photos and import them to this data protection app on iPhone. After that you can go to delete the original copy of the photos from Camera Roll to maintain security.

add photos from cameral roll to folder lock app on iphone
By following above steps you can hide or delete photos from Camera Roll and protect the photos with a password, PIN or pattern using this Folder Lock. Anyone will need to pass the security lock in order to access or view your protected photos.

iphone file folder lock app

How to lock files and folder on Android and computer?

Now you already know how to lock files and folder on iPhone. If you are using an Android or want to lock files on PC, how to do? Check out this tutorial to hide and lock files on Android phone and this guide to hide and lock files and folders on PC. Should you still have further inquiries about data protection and security concern on the phone, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below.

24 thoughts on “How to lock and hide private photos on iPhone using Folder Lock?

  1. Oamro

    i want to lock file of photos hide vedios

    • jason xi

      you can download and use the Folder Lock app above or use another free security app for iPhone. both of them can help you lock photos, videos and more other files.

  2. Loren

    Hi. I want to transfer or forward a video currently in FolderLock to the video section of my iPhone 7. Can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Thanks for help!

  3. Loren

    Jason xi,
    no, the other way around. I have already moved videos from my iphone to folderlock. from folderlock, I want to forward them back to my iphone or forward them to another iphone. It seems odd that there is not a select option on the video. the only thing you can do is watch the video. i want to share this video.

  4. Loren

    I just figured out how to do it. I found another person who asked the same question. it is the restore prompt. thank you.

    • jason xi

      no problem. thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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