To help protect our privacy and hide sensitive files on iPhone iPad, many ‘vault’ or ‘lock’ apps on the App Store can be found and used. These security and privacy protection app allow users to set a password, PIN, lock pattern or touchID to lock the apps themselves; then import files from iPhone to the security app; after that anyone wants to see the locked files must firstly unlock your iPhone screen, then unlock the security app before they can access those sensitive files and docs on your phone. Photo Vault from Shareit is one of the well-known free file locker app for iPhone. For more details about this app, see this free photo & video lock app for iPhone. Today, we will show you how to use it to lock pictures and videos on iPhone and unlock your media files using this free security app for private photo and video protection.

Lock private photos and videos on iPhone

Go to download the free photo locker app from App Store according to the above linked article. Run the app, you will be prompted to set up a password to lock down the app itself and prevent unauthorized access. It will also prompt you to set the security question through which you can reset the passcode when you forgot it. After that log on the security app using the passcode you have just set. Touch the “+” sign to browse to your photo albums and camera roll, select and save any photos and videos to the vault app on iPhone. Finally Then go to delete these pictures from your photo albums and camera roll if you don’t want anybody to see them from the Photos app and save them under the protection of this photo vault app.

shareit vault app - free photo video locker for iphone

How to unlock photos or videos in the Vault app?

Open the photo vault app on iPhone, touch the edit icon at the top right corner of the app, then touch to select the photos, finally tap on the Undo button at the bottom left corner to move photos from Shareit vault app to Camera Roll on iPhone.

Locking files and data on iPhone – Alternatives

Except the above photo vault app, you can also find many similar apps on the App Store. Folder Lock is another example. See how you can lock photos and videos using Folder Lock here. Even certain file manager apps for iOS provide the functionality of “Vault” where you can protect your private photos and other sensitive files and documents on iPhone. See how File Master can help you lock files and folders on iPhone.

8 thoughts on “Lock private photos and videos on iPhone using Shareit Vault

  1. Vasanth chauhan

    I couldn’t open my shareit vault application after updating my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 11. I’m unable to start the application and enter my vault code. I don’t know what is happening. Please help me recover those files

    • jason xi

      please update to the latest version 1.0.3 which is adapted to iOS 11.

  2. Afzalshoh

    I forgot my password in SHAREit vault please help me how I do it???

    • jason xi

      sorry to hear that. the security question seems to be the only way you can recover lost password for now.

  3. Afzalshoh

    How can I unlock this? Please help me to do it?

  4. Emanisat

    I installed SHAREit vault in my I pad and stored some pics in it. But now I don’t know how to delete them because there are no either edit or delete buttons in the app.

    • jason xi

      in the main screen of the SHAREit vault, you should see thumbnails of all your photos and videos. at the top right corner, there are two icons: Edit and Menu. you can scroll up and refer to the first screenshot in the above post.
      I also tried SHAREit vault version 1.0.4 on an iPad and the Edit button can also be found at the top right corner.
      Try to upgrade to the latest version of SHAREit vault app on iPad if you are using an old version.
      Tap on the Edit icon, then touch the thumbs to select photos and videos, after that you will see two buttons at the screen bottom: Undo and Remove. Select Remove to delete pictures from SHAREit vault.

  5. Abdnvc

    Deleted my app by mistake all the memory got lost any chance i can get my saved pictures back?

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