Are you looking for a Galaxy S 4 photo recovery, could it be a third-party data recovery software or a built-in feature with the Samsung smartphone or Android system? Yes, we would deleted our photos and videos by mistake. We all make mistakes. However when you accidentally removed a photo or video from Samsung Galaxy S4, how to get back the photo or video?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android mobile phones and tablets, including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc. If you are using Galaxy S5, S6, or other Samsung Galaxy phones, you can also check out following article to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung mobile phones. We will walk you through step by step with detailed instructions and screenshots, so to make it easy to follow even for new Galaxy S4 users. To recover photos from Galaxy S4 or recover videos from Galaxy S4 becomes so simple. Anyone can rescue their data no matter of skill levels. Various Galaxy S4 models and variants are supported, such as Galaxy S4 Verizon model SCH-I545, Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-I545L, Galaxy S4 AT&T SGH-I337, Galaxy S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919, Galaxy S4 Sprint SPH-L720, Galaxy S4 GT-I9505, Galaxy S4 GT-I9500, Galaxy S4 GT-I9508 and more.

We will recommend you to use a third party data recovery tool for Android phones. The Dr. Fone for Android is such a program can do that. We highly recommend this data recovery due to its high performance, low price, excellent technical support and great compatibility.

Why use Dr. Fone for Android to recovery deleted photos and videos from Galaxy S4 phones?

dr.fone android data recoveryIt is in fact the world’s first data recovery for Android phones. It is so powerful to recover various file formats, like photos, videos, contacts, call history, text messages, music, documents, WhatsApp chat, etc. If you choose it to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, it can help scan and find the deleted files from the internal memory as well as microSD card if any.

You can use this mobile data recovery to recover photos from Galaxy S4, other Samsung mobiles like Samsung Galaxy Note 3/2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Nexus, and many other brands or phones, such as LG Optimus, HTC One, HTC Sensation, Sony Xperia, Motorola smartphones and more Android mobiles and tablets. In its tech spec, we find it supports over 2000 Android device models & various Android OS.

Last but not least, this photo and video recovery for Samsung and Android mobiles allows you to recover many more data than its competitors. It can help recover your deleted photos videos from both mobile phone’s internal memory, but external memory, like the SD cards. Unlike its competitors that would split these functions into different products, like photo recovery, video recovery, internal memory recovery, external SD card recovery. With Wondershare Dr. Fone, you can the all-in-one solution for your mobile data recovery needs. You pay only once to get all these features.

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Samsung Galaxy S4?

First of all, you need to download this Android data recovery application on to your computer. It is compatible with major Windows OS: Windows 8.1(64bits)/8 (64&32 bits)/7 (64&32 bits)/Vista (64&32 bits)/XP (32 bit); CPU: 1 GHz (32 bit or 64 bit). At least 256 MB RAM required.

Now follow the classic 1-2-3 process to recover your deleted videos and photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or the latest S5 with it.

steps to recover galaxy s4 photo video

Step 1: Connect Samsung Galaxy S4 to Computer

Run this Android Phone Recovery program on your PC or Mac, connect your Galaxy S4 or other Android mobile to computer via the USB data cord. The photo recovery tool will automatically detect the connection of your mobile phone. It will then check see if the USB debugging option enabled or not on your smartphone. If not, it will prompt you to turn it on with onscreen tips. You can also refer to this guide to turn on USB debugging on your Galaxy phone.

connect samsung galaxy s4 to computer

Step 2: Scan Samsung Galaxy S4 for your Lost Photos and Videos

The data recovery utility will scan your mobile device for the lost photos and videos deleted. If they were deleted by Android OS after performing factory data reset or other reasons, you can also use this data recovery tool to get them back. Be sure to download and use this data rescue software immediately after the data removal. Because when the data deleted from your mobile phone, they will actually remain on either the phone internal memory or the Micro-SD card for some time. You can save new data on them, those deleted data will be overwritten, thus you may lose them permanently.

scan galaxy s4 with android data recovery

The scan of your deleted photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy S4 will take some time, especially when you have saved a lot of data on the phone. To narrow down the search for lost data types and save time, this data recovery tool allows you to select file types manually perior to the scanning.

select gallery and videos to scan on samsung s4

The phone recovery software for Samsung Galaxy supports recovery of photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, call history, WhatsApp data, documents, etc. It is not simple a photo recovery or video recovery. You can select any of the supported file types and continue to data recovery from your Galaxy S4.

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Step 3: Preview and Restore Photos Videos from Samsung Galaxy S4

The search result will be grouped into different categories. If you have selected the file types before the scanning process, you will only find two categories, Gallery and Videos. Your deleted photos on Galaxy S4 can be found under the Gallery category, deleted videos go to the Videos category. Click Gallery from the left navigation panel, you can recover photos from Galaxy S4 from there. Not only photos taken using your camera can be found and recovered but also those photos downloaded from websites, received through Android apps, such as photos received from your friends through WhatsApp and more.

recover photos videos from samsung galaxy s4

You will also be able to preview the selected photos, so as to selectively recover just those files you need. If like, you can also tick all photos and videos and recover them all in a batch from Samsung Galaxy S4 to your computer.

You might guess this mobile data recovery for Android or Samsung phones could be very expensive, as it is poweful to recover all kinds of files. In this demo we mainly showed you the steps to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, but you can also use it to recover contacts, messages, call history, music and many more. Meanwhile it is compatible with so many devices, except Samsung phones, it works for HTC, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Huawei, and more Android phones. But it turns out to be one of the cheapest one in terms of cost. It is priced at $49.95, one time fee, life-time license, free upgrade, free tech support. You can try before you buy. In the free trial version, you can use the data recovery to scan your Samsung S4 see if your lost files can be found. When a deleted file can be found in the trial version, you will be able to recover it from phone to computer once you upgraded to the premium version. By the way, its tech support is also the best-in-class. Should you have any other troubles in using this recovery program, you can refer to this FAQ and Troubleshooting page: Android data recovery guide and FAQs.

46 thoughts on “Recover Photos and Videos from Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Jayraj Sarkar

    is this software workes for Samsung Galaxy core2???? plz reply soon! 🙁 my 350+ photos ware deleted accidently!!!! 🙁 plz anyone help me!!!! I’m helpless!!!!!!!

    • Matt

      it should work if you can recover the deleted photos in time. Download the recovery software and give it a try. When you scan your device, all recoverable files will be displayed.

  2. Joe

    this is an all-in-one recovery program to recover deleted files, not only photos, videos, but also many other files types, from Samsung Galaxy S4.

  3. Edward paul

    Few days back when I lost my photos and videos from Samsung’s android phone I came to know about Samsung photo and video recovery software through my friends it helped me a lot to restore back all my deleted. I hope it will help you also.

  4. Michaela

    Will this help put the pictures back onto my phone or just show up on my computer?

    • Matt

      It will recover the photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S4 to computer. Since the photos and videos will be saved on your computer, you can easily transfer the file back onto your phone if like, see this guide: How to transfer Photos Videos from Computer to Android?

  5. misty

    Does this recovery also include deleted e-mails ?? What about internet history??

    • Matt

      At present it can recover photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, whatsapp data, call history, etc. It can not recover emails or browser history, but these are good features to add in future upgrades.

  6. Alicia Kingston

    Hi Matt, my files are stored on the internal memory. I’ve installed the software on my laptop, connected device to PC, it identifies my phone Samsung S5, Android version 4.4.2, Model SM-G900W8 and then it preps to scan and then restarts my phone several times.

    In addition to this it states,’analyzing device failed, trying alternatives’.. then device restarts. After several attempts, it finally says that I should root my phone.

    If the files are stored on the internal memory is it necessary to root the phone for this application to work?

    Then once it’s done scanning it says ‘Currently data recovery from your device can not be supported. If you still want to recover your data, please root your device first.’

  7. Meher

    Hey , I have a Samsung S4, with no SD card, I just accidentally deleted images under My files – whatsapp media folder thinking it was a duplicate folder and then realised they are missing from my gallery, I have lost 167 images and I really need them back.Please suggest what should I do?

    • Matt

      Hi Meher,
      You can download and use above data recovery for android to recover WhatsApp media files and chat history. It can recover data from both your phone’s internal storage and its external SD card if any. Since you do not have any SD card, it will scan and recover your lost files from your phone directly.
      You can follow above instructions to recover whatsapp data on Galaxy S4, just make sure to enable WhatsApp messages & attachments recover when you are prompted to choose file types to recover.
      Please give it a shoot and keep us updated.

  8. Sumanth

    Hi Matt,

    My LG Optimus G E975 was HARD Reset without taking backup. I tried your application, but it gets stuck in scanning the device at 90%. Could you please let me know whether the data can be recovered from the phone. Phone is set to USB debugging mode.

  9. Sarah

    Hi there,

    I saved all my pictures to the computer, and then deleted them. I realized later that I had a lot of “sound and shot” pictures, and while the pictures transferred, the sound did not. Is there a way to recover the sound and shot pictures?

    I am also having the problem that Alicia Kingston posted about above. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4. Thanks for any help!

    • Matt

      Thanks for your message.
      Samsung Galaxy S4 has different variants and models. What’s your phone model please?

    • Matt

      As to the “sound & shot” photos, only the photos can be recovered. The data recovery software can’t recover its sound part in the current version. We may add the support to sound & shot pictures recovery and enhance the software quality in future upgrade. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

      • Sarah

        Hi there,

        My phone is a Samsung-SGH-I337, version 4.4.4.

        I have all the pictures, I was just hoping to recover the sound. I’m sorry it can’t be done yet, but would love it if you added that to an upgrade!


  10. Chuks.B

    Hello matt…pls I deleted my camera photos that has over 1000pix and I rilli need dem….wat if wen I deleted d pix by mistake and did not know abt recovery and new pix taken den I deleted it to try and recover d previous 1 can it be possible to recover all?

    • Matt

      Hello Chuks,
      You should stop using your mobile phone immediately once you realized the data lost on your Galaxy S4. As new data generated or saved on the phone might overwrite those deleted pictures on Galaxy S4.
      Go to download the Android phone recovery software on to your PC as soon as possible, use it to scan your Samsung Galaxy phone, you will see all the recoverable pictures after the scanning.
      If you have trouble using this software to recover photos from your phone, please feel free to write back.

  11. Mikayla

    I’m trying to make this work on my phone, but it won’t connect. I debugged my phone but it is saying I have not, and to reconnect. I tried multiple times and its not working for my galaxy s4

    • Matt

      USB debugging must be turned on as the android recovery software needs to install an app on the phone. Try to turn off it and reenable again.
      What is the specific phone model you have? Galaxy has many variants.

      What’s your Android version? Was it rooted before?

      You can also check out this troubleshooting page see if any help

  12. Milan

    Its not working in Samsung galaxy s4… 🙁 i have deleted some important pic

    • Matt

      Samsung Galaxy s4 has many variants. Based on our test, the android recovery works for many Galaxy models, such as SCH-I545, SCH-R970, SGH-M919 and more others.
      Did you get any error using the mobile phone recovery? Can you please specify your phone model and android version?


  13. ellie

    It take long time…stucks in 70%… 🙁 my phone deleted my pics…Just like magic

    • Matt

      Can you please provide us the specific phone model and Android version?
      Samsung Galaxy S4 has various models. The android recovery can recover deleted photos from many galaxy S4 models but not all.
      Was your phone rooted before?

      We have put together the FAQs and troubleshooting tips in this page, . Please double check.


  14. ellie

    The phone restarts like five times..Nothing is happening..And I read on other sites that you have to purchase to get photos for this program.I lost my time and my hope tho cause I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 mini and I lost all my photos.This morning my camera pics disappeared..I follow the steps carefully I think the program doesnt works if you wont give money.

    • Matt

      What’s the specific model of your Galaxy S4 mini and your Android version please?
      This phone recovery supports various galaxy S4 mini models such as GT-I9190, GT-I9192, GT-I9195, etc.

      The trial version of the android phone recovery can also help you recover some files. For example, you can recover contacts and messages one by one, recover thumbnails of photos. To recover data from your Galaxy S4 mini in a batch mode or recover original HD photos, you have to buy it.
      If you have trouble using it, you can refer yo this troubleshooting page see if any help,

  15. Stephanie

    I have a SCH-I545, I have followed every step. I went through the usb debugging. Then I get analyzing your device failed, trying the alternative. Then I get “currently data recovery from you device can not be supported. If you still want to recover your data, please root your device first.” I have tried every thing I can on the internet to root the phone and everything loads and then says my phone is not supported.

    I’m desperate, I thought I had a back up running, and it was until Jun 1, then stopped for some reason. My entire photo album gallery was deleted on my phone & I have no idea how. It was just gone. I am an idiot and was not checking that my back up was working and I lost many my baby pictures of my newborn 🙁 I’ll try anything.. any advice out there or am I SOL?

    • Matt

      Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon SCH-I545 is a supported phone model. We have tested the Android phone recovery software for Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 model on various Android versions like 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.4.2, 4.4.4.
      Can you please specify your Android version? Also please send us some screenshots of the errors when using our data recovery through email. Our email address can be found on this page.

    • Matt

      Also for Android phone rooting, you can try this guide, You can find two Android rooting software from this page. Note that you should use a root software on a computer to root the phone other than using a root app on the mobile phone. It is because saving any data or downloading any app on to the phone may overwrite those deleted data on your phone’s storage.

  16. Samsung s4

    I accidentally deleted my son’s pciture that I used as the Samsung s4 wallpaper. This picuter took two years ago from this phone but I had since uploaded all the pictures to a computer (which unfortunately the pc broke two years ago and I am not able to retrived that picture from the pc as well). Now this picture is also not in this Samsung phone. That is my most precious picture, please help!
    Thank you.

    • Matt

      Have you tried to download the android phone recovery onto your computer and use it to scan your Galaxy S4 phone?

      This is a computer software, you need a Mac or PC in order to use it to recover deleted photos from you Samsung phone.

      You should follow steps outlined in the above guide see if the picture can still be found or not. Make sure to enable Advanced scan mode if you can find the deleted photo in the Standard mode.

  17. Michael

    Hi, I downloaded the dr phone free trial… the scan got up to 60% and brought me back to step 1. My phone is not rooted… how can i complete scan and view deleted files before i buy the registration?

    • Matt

      What is your phone model number and android version please?
      We have just upgraded the dr fone recovery to version earlier today. If you are using the previous version, you can delete it from your computer and give a shot to this new version see if any help.

  18. silke

    It’s stuck on 99% and when i pause it and want to recover the things, it says i need to take the premium version.
    I have a Samsung galaxy s4 mini GT-I9195
    device version: 4.4.2

    • silke

      please reply fast. i need it for school

    • Matt

      The free version allows you to scan the phone for lost data and you will be able to preview the lost data. but to recover the deleted data from phone to computer, you need to buy the full version. You can buy a license from this page. After that you will receive license code through email in minutes. You can use this license code to register the trial version, thus get the full version. Please double check the found data after the scanning, only buy the full version when you are sure the data you want to recover can be found using the free version.

  19. sarojadevi muthusamy

    I deleted some videos by mistake from my samsung galaxy S4 GT-19500 mobile phone. I want to recover them

    • Matt

      You can download the free version of the android recovery software on to your PC, then follow above steps to scan the phone for the deleted videos. If the videos can be found in the scanning process, you need to buy the full version in order to retrieve them from phone to computer.

  20. John

    Doesn’t work. Stuck on 90% 2 different times. Didn’t even get a chance to buy the full version or I would have. Don’t waste your time.

    • Matt

      you can try to root the Android phone using a third party software on computer, then use above Android phone recovery software to scan your phone again see if any help. when you root the phone, you should select a root software for desktop other than a rooting app for Android, so as to avoid data overwriting on the phone.
      you can also send the log files to the support team for further assistance.

  21. brucethat

    I have used the Dr.Fone for Android to recover deleted photos on my Samsung Galaxy S6, and it’s nice to use, but it took me a few minutes to scan. And my friend also recommended me the FonePaw Data Recovery, and I saw him used once, which almost the same as Dr.Fone, and simple to use too. They both need some time to scan the phone, so it’s normal to spend time on scanning I think.

  22. Jayne

    I was trying to move stuff off my phone, something went wrong with the videos. They are now images of the video but the video is gone!! Do i have to recover them or is there an easier way to do this on phone first?

    • Matt

      can you please specify what you did on the phone?
      To copy over image and videos from Samsung phone to computer, you can simply connect up your Samsung to computer via USB, then access your phone storage using the File Explorer on PC or Finder on Mac, you can then directly copy the media files from your phone Gallery to computer.
      Do not try to recover the phone first unless you are sure they have been deleted. The free trial version allows you to scan the phone, but you can’t recover files before you buy the full version.

  23. Lisa S.

    Hi, I went into My Files and I accidentally deleted something can’t remember what I really did. But now my videos and gallery pictures are gone. Also notes in S Memo are gone and Story Album pictures are gone but the dates are still there at the bottom. Just no Pictures. I took new pictures their in my gallery but my old ones are not there. Even on my voice recorder what I had recorded is gone. I’m flustrated and don’t know what to do. Please can you help is there anyway to get this back? I spoke to AT&T and the person said no. because it wasn’t backed up. But all my stuff was saved from what I know. Had videos of concerts and pictures of friends and family that are gone. This happen 2-28-17 on my Samsung Gallaxy s4

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