102 thoughts on “Setup Hotmail Email Account on iPad

  1. Hotmail will set up and send from my ipad 5 BUT it will not sync the ones I have read. Deleted account and reloaded after cleaning up unread emails except 2 and it says I have over 1586 unread ones! This is so frustrating.

    • Matt

      On iOS 7, you can open Inbox >> Edit >> Mark All >> Mark As Read, then all your emails should be marked as read.
      Alternatively, you can log on your hotmail from web browser, probably on a desktop computer, as the large screen will make the operation easier. Then select all emails and mark read. This will mark those selected emails as read on iPhone and iPad as well. As your hotmail account will be added to iOS device as IMAP by default. IMAP can keep your emails synced very well on multiple devices that you have installed the same email account.

  2. When I try to sync my Hotmail on my iPad air, the only options I get are for MAIL and NOTES… this works great..

    But it doesn’t include my CONTACTS

    How can I sync to get CONTACTS as well? It is not giving this to me as an option..

    Appreciate any help!

    • Matt

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the message. We have justed update the instructions above. Now you can choose to add Hotmail to iPad as the Outlook.com option. It will be able to sync your contacts, mail, calendars, reminders from Hotmail to iPad. Please give it another try.
      Feel free to write back if any questions.


  3. Richard

    Thanks Matt. I’ll give that a try.

  4. Richard

    Thanks Matt. I’ll give that a try.

  5. Rick

    I tried everything above step by step, however still can’t access my account. I try an it comes up with can’t verify username or password. If I go directly to hotmail I use the same info & have no problem singing on. Do I need to change anything else?

    • Matt

      Hi Rick,
      We have just updated the instructions, as we find out that to add Hotmail account to iPad via the Outlook.com option works better. Can you please give it another try?
      By the way, when input username and password, make sure to use full email ID, such as ‘jack2014@hotmail.com’.

      Good luck,

  6. Rick

    I tried it comes up can’t verify account information. Went to hotmail through Safari had no problem signing in using the same username & password? I used my full hotmail address in both. Checked typing password 3 times still can’t set it up?

  7. Rick

    I tried the above suggestion, however when I use the same email address & password, that I use on hotmail, it comes up with a statement that it can’t verify account information. I am using my full hotmail email address & password (which I’ve retyped 3 times to make sure I wasn’t typing in the wrong password), & it still won’t work thought the outlook.com mail, but have no problem signing in through hotmail directly. Any other ideas?

    • Joe

      If you have your email accounts setup with Outlook/outlook express on PC, it seems you can also sync email accounts from Outlook/outlook express to iOS device through iTunes.

    • Vishal

      Hey Rick,
      I have got it solved. I hope it might help you.
      Just login to your email account through Safari. Go to account settings>>security. In this turn off the Two- step verification. Once done, logout and then try to configure hotmail again.
      It worked for me. Hope it works for you too. Good luck

      • Meg

        OMG! Thank you so much! This was such a frustrating issue and your answer is the only thing that helped me! I realized I had to do it on my PC though instead of Safari but it still worked!

      • Randy

        Thank you so much. It helped me out too. It was driving me nuts!! Thank you,thank you, thank you. now maybe my wife will leave me alone again. LOL

        • Matt

          you are most welcome.
          It is great to hear your feedback and story so I know my visitors will not leave me alone.

      • Phuong

        if we can meet in person, I will treat you a coffee !!! Thank you so much for the tip! It’s greatly helpful!

  8. Vik's

    Thanks guys
    Just spent 2 hrs on the phone to Apple who were very friendly but useless. Found your blog and fixed the problem in less than 60 secs!

    • Matt

      You are welcome.
      Glad to know that this guide can be of any help for Hotmail and iPad users.

  9. Vishal

    I too am facing the same problem as Rick. It says “can’t verify”.
    I have tried 4-5 time, but still same thing repeats.
    Any suggestions?

  10. Dallin

    I too am having the same problem as Vishal and Rick. Any help?

    • Jason

      You can refer to Vishal’s fix above see if any help.

      Hey Rick,
      I have got it solved. I hope it might help you.
      Just login to your email account through Safari. Go to account settings>>security. In this turn off the Two- step verification. Once done, logout and then try to configure hotmail again.
      It worked for me. Hope it works for you too. Good luck

  11. Jasper

    Tried out Vishal’s suggestion. Problem solved! Thank you all so much!!

  12. Jsimpson

    For the life of me, couldn’t get my Hotmail (outlook) to work on my iPhone, kept telling me “cannot verify password”. Almost gave up when I realized that Microsoft Account may have something to do with it.. Anyways I figured out how to get your Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Reminders to work.
    You might have to log into your account either on your desktop or laptop.
    Log into you Hotmail account which is now Outlook, then go into your Account Settings.
    Go into “Security & passwords”
    Scroll down until you see “App Password”
    Click on “Create a New App Password”
    It will say: Use this app password to sign in and give you a app password
    Use that password when signing into your Outlook Account on your iPhone
    Good Luck!!

    • Matt

      Thanks for the sharing with us.
      Really appreciate it.

  13. Ellen Alm

    How do i get my ipad air to delete outlook mail. When i delete mail on my air it does not delete from the server.

    • Matt

      To delete outlook emails from server, you need to log in your Hotmail from a web browser and delete emails from the web mail, https://www.outlook.com/.
      You can’t delete emails from server on your ipad air. Email accounts are usually configured as IMAP mail on mobile devices. IMAP protocol is great to keep emails synced across different devices. But it does not allow users to delete emails from server.

      • Kathleen

        i had hotmail on my ipad but accidently deleted it tried to readd telling me pass word is wrong

        • Matt

          You can reboot your iPad and try to add it again see if any help.

  14. richard

    Thanks to everyone a while back I set up Hotmail with contacts on my iPad …. I have just now upgraded to an iPhone5 from a 4… I cannot get PUSH notifications and my Hotmail seems to take ages to load ..

    Any clues?

    I’ve looked at lots of help feeds but I don’t seem to get all the screen to complete that people talk about …

    I go to mail > add account (other – EXCHANGE doesn’t seem to work> then enter name, email, password and description … it then verifies and sets up but only in FETCH mode… Help please ….

    • Jason

      Hi richard,
      Do not set up your Hotmail on iPhone from the Others option, use the Outlook.com option as specified in this guide.
      You should find your Hotmail was automatically configured in PUSH mode, with FETCH or Manual modes also available for your choice.
      If you set up your Hotmail via the Others option, it only supports FETCH or Manual modes, and it only sync your mail and notes, not calendars or contacts.

  15. Richard

    Thanks Jason. Works great now!! I was advised to use the ‘others’ option and Fetch has been frustrating the hell out if me!! I was then told to use Exchange. Others said Hotmail should be listed as as option but no.

    Thanks again

  16. Richard

    Just when I thought life was fine and PUSH was working on my iPhone 5 hotmail and outlook….. Perfect ….. Then last night I upgraded to IOS 8.0. Now I only get PUSH email notifications when my phone is switched on! Help!! Ps when I look at the accounts through Settings>mail etc they both show as PUSH

    • anand

      It seems to be working as usually, at least for me. I just upgraded from iOS 7 to 8 on my iPad, and didn’t find the Hotmail push issue. However I also noticed some iPhone users has the hotmail delay problem with the iOS 8 update.
      I think you can try delete the hotmail and re-add it to your iPhone again see if any help. Or you can wait for one day or two see if any change, as it may take some time for hotmail server to adjust to the changes made in iOS 8 mail, just my thought.

  17. richard

    You were right Anand… a quick reboot and reload ….. didn’t seem to work at first … but a couple of hours later , perfect. Life is a mystery some days!


    • anand

      You are welcome.
      Good to know it took just a couple of hours to get Hotmail working with iOS 8. My friend told me that it took him around a day for Hotmail to work properly again.

  18. Iciar


    Why doesn’t have the note option?, it’s appear with all other email accounts but not with hotmail. Any idea any one?

    Many thanks

  19. Chris

    I have followed the instructions above, and I am able to get my hotmail emails through outlook on my iPhone 6. The trouble I am running in to, is that my emails ARE deleting off the server as well. With iOS 7 I had the option to leave them on the server , or never delete from server. This option does not appear in my settings with the new iPhone and iOS 8. Any suggestions?? Thank you

    • Matt

      Hi Chris,
      Sorry for the late response.

      When an email client can delete emails from your mail server, the email should have been configured as POP email on your iPhone.

      To prevent your email from being deleted from mail server, you can setup your email as IMAP other than POP. Alternatively you can also log on your Hotmail account using a web browser on your desktop, then click the gear icon to configure its options, choose the “Connect devices and apps with POP” option, if you have enabled POP, then you should find two extra options beneath the “Deleting downloaded messages”, you can choose the first option “Don’t let devices or apps delete messages from Outlook.com” and save the change.

  20. Mic

    Why can’t I send an email from my hotmail account? What should the outgoing server be?

    • Jason

      You can try to delete the Hotmail account, and add it again to your iPad. You can also try to set up Hotmail on iPad through MS Exchange service, see instructions here http://www.betterhostreview.com/setup-hotmail-as-exchange-on-ipad.html

      Its Outgoing (SMTP) Server should be:

      Server address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
      Port: 25 (or 587 if 25 is blocked)
      Authentication: Yes
      Encrypted Connection: TLS

  21. zefri

    Nice post, i have got lots of information from here.
    good work. Thanks

    • Matt

      You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

  22. richard

    Many Thanks Jason… I eventually got it working after a few days frustration….


    • Jason

      you are welcome. Glad to know the problem solved!

  23. Kim

    Hi, When I access hotmail (Outlook) using iPAD, I can only access Inbox. I am not able to see other folders such as Sent, Draft, Junk, etc. When I tried to configure iPAD, it tells me that hotmail (Outlook) configuration can only be done using PC not tablet. I then went to my workstation and tried to reconfigure hotmail (Outlook) without success.

  24. James

    Hi, I’ve trouble using the mail apply on 3g. Whenever I’m on 3g, I will pop up cannot verify server identity. If I’m on wifi, there is no such problem. Help please?

    • Matt

      Could there be a slow internet connection issue under the 3G mode?
      Do you have any trouble using other email service such as Yahoo mail, Gmail?

  25. Shinto


    I added my Hotmail (outlook) on my ipad but it is configured as you explained..still I am not receiving any mail…I deleted and added 3 times..still I couldn’t use my Hotmail in my ipad..since it is my primary id.

    I could use gmail in that…

    kindly help to solve this issue…

    • Matt

      Except adding Hotmail through the Outlook option on iPad, you can also try other alternatives.
      For example, you can also try to set up Hotmail on iPad through MS Exchange service, see instructions here http://www.betterhostreview.com/setup-hotmail-as-exchange-on-ipad.html
      Please give it a shoot and let me know if any update. In case it still does not work, we will try other methods.

    • Matt

      Another alternative you can try to add Hotmail as IMAP to iPad. In the step 4 above, do not choose Outlook.com option, choose Other >> Add Mail Account >> then input your name, full hotmail address, password and description, tap next, then the your hotmail will be configured as the default IMAP mail on iPad.

  26. Oscar

    Guys, the problem is the two step verification (TSV) that outlook is pushing. Most of us probably added it not knowing that it would stop connection though the Inbox feature of the I-phone. Nevertheless, you need to log into the Microsoft account settings of your outlook account on your personal computer. Go to the security settings and choose to create a new “application password”. Many devices like the I-phone can’t do the TSV. You will get a 16 digit password. Enter it in your iphone while configuring your account and….woala!

  27. M

    How do I get Hotmail Notes on my iPad? I had it there earlier but when I deleted my Hotmail off and added Hotmail back on to get my calendar for Hotmail on my iPad the Notes didn’t show up.

    • Matt

      It seems you can only sync mail, contacts, calendars and reminders from hotmail to iPad through both Outlook.com and Exchange options.
      There is a workaround though. You can add your Hotmail account as the typical IMAP account by choosing “Others” from the email types list. However this will only be able to sync your mail and notes, not contacts, calendars and reminders.

  28. leanne

    I got my email addresses on my ipad ( mini) but for some reason only get incoming on my hotmail account . Ok on safari i think . Its annoying when traveling as i cant use my other email address ( big pond) has to be something in the outgoing mail settings but I’ve tried all i can think of . Any idea?

    • Matt

      You can try to connect to a different Wi-Fi network see if emails can be sent from your Hotmail account on iPad.

      If still no luck, you can try to delete Hotmail from iPad and set up Hotmail account again as IMAP account. Scroll up to the upper section of this guide, you can find a list of all available email types from the second image, like Exchange, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook.com. Choose the last one “Other”, then follow onscreen tips to add your Hotmail again. Once you are done, try to sent an email see if it can go through. If still not work, go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> choose your hotmail account from the ACCOUNTS list >> tap on hotmail account name to access its settings page, here you can change, enable, disable, its SMTP server, server port, smtp authentication, etc. You can refer to this page for all Hotmail configuration details here.

  29. jo

    Omg i would just like to thank vishal for his comment on ricks problem,i too had the same problem and have been struggling for 2 days to put my email account back on my ipad aaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!.thankyou so much again your a life saver vishal. 🙂

  30. Viv

    It doesn’t work once two step authentication is on…how do we work around that?

  31. Sam

    Please can you advise how to set up hotmail on iPad so it deletes messages. I keep getting the error msg “cannot send mail to trash”

    • Matt

      If you follow the steps in the guide, you should be able to delete messages.
      However if your hotmail is set up as POP mail on iPad, you will need to enable “Deleting downloaded messages” option from the web mail.
      to do that, log on Hotmail from web browser, you can go to its Options >> Connect devices and apps with POP, you can then find the “Deleting downloaded messages” option and enable it from there.

  32. Carole

    Messages I send from my hotmail account on the ipad do not show my email address to the people I am sending to. The sender just says hotmail.com, and they think it’s junk mail because they don’t know who sent it. How can I fix this? Thanks.

  33. Thomas Armour

    Have new iPad air cannot add my hotmail account tried to add to outlook as per instructions here.
    My mail has two underscore _ as arm_987_1 etc., but the _ is not showing where mail address is supposed to be entered,this is driving me silly.

    • Matt

      do you mean you can’t input the underscore in the email address section when you configuring hotmail on ipad? can you take a screenshot to illustrate the issue?

  34. Denise

    How do I get the contact icon/menu to show on my iPadAir as it does on my PC?

    • Matt

      You can log on your Hotmail from your Safari browser for mobile on iPad air, then scroll down to the very buttom of your screen, there will be a ‘PC Site’ link can direct you to the desktop version of Hotmail, the same as what you can get on PC.

  35. MCG

    How do you add attachments to Hotmail messages on an iPad mini?

    When I go to the PC site to get more options (such as attachments), I cannot even create a new message (or reply/ forward, etc) – new screen won’t load. Thanks!

  36. Sue

    I have hotmail on my iPad but would like to empty my junk folder without having to click on each one. How do I delete all of the junk at once.

  37. Sue

    I solved it on my own.

  38. Lynne

    As of a few months ago, I cannot access my hotmail account via my iPad mail icon.
    I have tried reestablishihg my account in settings through exchange, outlook, and other, and do not have two level security verification. I receive feedback that my account has been added, but in fact, it has not. Please help!

    • Matt

      can you find its Inbox or other folders from Mail app? Also is the mail account listed under Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars >> Accounts?

  39. Steve

    I can get to step 5 but then I get a message saying ‘cannot verify account’. Not sure what to do next?

    • Matt

      Please make sure to type in your full email address including the ‘@hotmail.com’ part. Try to access your web mail from a web browser on either a computer or your iOS device see if you can log in using the same email address/password.

  40. bill jones

    Something happened a few days ago on my dad’s ipad (someone installed skype and may have changed settings)….

    Now dad can still see Hotmail via Safari, but Mail just shows a frozen page with no mail. Pressing buttons doesn’t have any effect, just have to press Home to close Mail.

    Any help gratefully received.

    Cheers, Bill

    • Matt

      You can go to iPad Settings to check whether you have enough free storage space on iPad. Then you may try to delete the Hotmail account and re-add it again see if any help.

  41. Renee

    I have hotmail set up on my ipad, but receiving emails is intermittent and random. Sometimes a “new” email shows up, but it was sent 6 months ago and when I search for a particular email the results are in random order. Any ideas of what I might have set up wrong to cause this? I have already set it for “first,last” and tried to change the pushes/fetches, but nothing seems to make a difference.

  42. Dana Shaw

    My hotmail account works works properly on all of my following devices.
    My Windows computer accessing it via any browser
    Any other PC computer via any other browser
    My Iphone 5S through either any browser or the email button app
    My Ipad MINI if I use a browser such as chrome

    BUT IF I TRY TO CONFIGURE HOTMAIL ACCOUNT VIA SETTINGS in my Ipad Mini, it connects and downloads but fails on send only attempts stating error on user name or password.

    If i try to access via a browser i do not HAVE to enter a user name -only email account and correct password. What is different about IPAD MINI? It allows downloads but will not allow forwards or new email send?!?

    • Jason

      What’s your iOS version on iPad mini? did you get any error when trying to forward or send a new email?

  43. James Hall

    I am having the same problem with my hotmail on my iPad Air, can receive e-mails but can’t send, forward or reply to e-mails.

    • Matt

      firstly you can try to connect your iPad air to different Wi-Fi network see if any difference;
      you can also delete the hotmail account from your iPad air, then follow instructions in above post to add it again to your ipad;
      if still no luck, you can refer to this Hotmail incoming & outgoing server settings to manually change its outgoing server settings.

  44. Cornelius

    I call BS! I have tried this method and it ALWAYS says unable to verify account information. I know my password is correct because I logged into hotmail several a times from my PCs and Mac and my iPhone with no issues.

  45. Steven Hardy

    I have followed the directions for deleting my existing hotmail account on my IPad and adding a new hotmail account numerous times now and I still get the same response, “Unable to verify account information”. For some unknown reason, I stopped receiving email on my existing hotmail account after 5-16-16, and I am unable to send email also!! HELP!!!

    • Matt

      you can try to log in Hotmail account from a web browser on your computer, see if any new emails received after 5-16-16, whether you can send emails from hotmail from the web mail or not.

  46. Elisabeth

    Wow – thank you so much, task accomplished with your help !
    Very grateful !

    • Matt

      you are welcome.

  47. Caspar

    I just added hotmail account on my Ipad air, using Outlook account.
    My credentials are verified, email is set up, but no messages appear.
    What do I need to do?

    • Matt

      you can try to send an email from this email address to other email account see if the email can go through. If you the other email account can receive it, try to reply this email from the other account, see also the incoming email can be delivered to your Inbox on iPad.

  48. Rachel

    Hi! I having a problem to add my hotmail account on my iphone SE. Pls help.

    • Matt

      can you please elaborate the problem you encountered?

  49. jerry

    my lg v20 says cannot connect to Hotmail server due to overload or checkup. was working fine yesterday. deleted account and tried to add it but that keeps coming up

    • Matt

      from the error prompt, it seems to be a temporary issue. you may need to wait for sometime and check back later.

  50. Debbie

    I try to delete mail I do t want and it won’t go to trash. I have hotmail and I get mail but can’t delete it or send it to trash…please help me. It was working then a week ago it stop. Thank,you

    • Matt

      several days ago, there was some unknown issue about Hotmail sync to mobile devices which may cause the problem you mentioned. Is your hotmail working now?

  51. glenda

    I have tried putting hotmail on my ipad through outlook and it says password or email incorrect but I can get it from my pc computer. I changed passwords, I do not have 2 step verification on either. When I go in to outlook it does not show the server, where as gmail does so I cannot see if it is correct. I am lost please help thanks Glenda

    • Matt

      couple of days ago, there was some unknown issue about Hotmail sync to mobile devices, this issue had been fixed already. Is your hotmail account working on iPad now?

  52. Gabby

    Hi, I have an outlook on a new iPad Pro, everything works but sending a reply? I’ve looked online for days but nothing that really makes much sense, says Sever failed when I try. Help please.

    Additional info: *gmail was main account wen iPad was activated, but I did change which was main*

    • jason xi

      when you reply an email, the message should be sent from the email account through which you received the email, it does not have to be the main or default email account on your iPad. do you get any error with your Outlook or Gmail account?

  53. Phil Gunney


    I’ve got a new iPad and although I’ve set everything up correctly I’m having some issues.

    If I read a mail on my iPhone it still shows as unread on iPad even after several hours it’s the same

    • jason xi

      Does the issue persist? If so, you may need to check whether the email account is configured on IMAP or POP protocol on the device. For example, you can send a test email to this email account, then go to receive and open this email on iPhone. After that go to access this email account on a computer using a web browser, see if the email has been marked as Read or not. Use the same method to test the email account on iPad. If email on iPhone get synced with mail server, not on iPad, then it should be a problem with the email settings on iPad.

  54. michael

    How can I delete all my junk/clutter from my microsoft outlook email account on ipad4 ?I also dont understand the link between outlook and hotmail,I have both accounts on my ipad and messages go to both of them but my hotmail seems to be the default email.

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