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Create and share photo video slideshow on iPhone for the party & holidays

We love gathering with friends and family at the holidays and parties, family reunion, birthday party, Thanksgiving, the New Year, Christmas and so on. Everyone brings his or her phone to the party. That’s a great chance to take a lot of photos and videos. Sometimes we want the photos and videos captured by our…

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Lock private photos and videos on iPhone using Shareit Vault

To help protect our privacy and hide sensitive files on iPhone iPad, many ‘vault’ or ‘lock’ apps on the App Store can be found and used. These security and privacy protection app allow users to set a password, PIN, lock pattern or touchID to lock the apps themselves; then import files from iPhone to the…

remove all contacts from iphone at once using mcbackup app

Delete all contacts on iPhone using MCbackup

Speaking of data management, iPhone could be very different from Android. For new iPhone users, it takes some time to get used to it. Cases in point? The Contacts is the default app for contacts and phone number management on iPhone, but lacks important features. Notably, users can’t batch delete multiple contacts at the same…

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Backup iPhone contacts to email using MCbackup app

Email provides us a very convenient way to exchange data between different devices. For example, you can send files from computer to yourself through email, then download the attached files from email to your mobile phone. Cases in point? Check out this tutorial to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone through email. In this article,…

wesync for iphone chinese version to select and batch delete contacts on iPhone

Batch delete iPhone contacts using WeSync Chinese version?

WeSync used to be a great tool for iPhone users to manage contacts on the device. However the developer, Tencent, has removed language support to English and other foreign languages in about Oct 2016. Now if you download WeSync from App store, you will find Chinese is the only language available. We are not sure…

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Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using Shareit app

With the powerful cross platform data sharing, wireless file transfer without the need for Wi-Fi network or mobile data, Share it has become the best data transfer app for more than 800 million users. It even has a built-in music player for iPhone users. And best of all, it is free. So it saves you…

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Send photos & videos from iPhone to Android using Shareit

A wireless transfer app is necessary for smartphone users who need the freedom of file and data share on the go. A year ago, we tested a free file transfer app and we were disappointed that it lacked the HD photo support. The pictures will be compressed before transferring to other phones. See this tutorial…

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Send photos & videos from iPhone to computer using Shareit

SHAREit is a free file transfer app for iPhone iPad iPod touch. It can help you easily send files from iOS device to computer or vice versa. It does not use your mobile data, no USB data cord required. You can simply connect both iPhone/iPad and your PC/Mac to the same Wi-fi network, then freely…


Turn a video into a picture on iPhone iPad

Recently someone asked me how to turn a video into a photo on iPhone. It is a sport video and he wants to take photos out of the video for sharing on his blog. The easiest way to extract pictures from a video on iPhone or iPad is to take a screenshot on the iOS…