10 thoughts on “Add AOL Mail Account to iPad Manually”

  1. On ipad, I have entered and reentered and deleted account, username and password are correct. I can access aol email from iPhone and desktop but not on iPad. I used to be able to access it on iPad. Now I keep getting message that imap can’t access. Says Username and password incorrect, but they’re not. I’m totally frustrated.

  2. I cannot add my aol account to my ipad. I followed the direction given and tried to do it 4 times but each time i received the message:

    Cannot Get Mail
    The user name or password for “imap.aol.com” is incorrect.

    I login to my aol account with my desktop and had no problem.

  3. Having problem setting up AOL email on daughters iPad mini. I have checked and double checked account information and password associated with the account. I have tried to delete the account from the iPad and re-enter it manually and by selecting the AOL option in the email selection. I keep getting the message that either the imap information (password) with the account is wrong or that the the server port timed out…..I am running iOS 9.2. This iPad mini is about 2 years old. The email did work at some point in the past. Can you advise me on this problem?
    Thank you,
    Kevin McCabe

    1. Was the problem fixed? It could be a temporary mail server issue.
      I have just tried to set up an AOL mail account on an iPad which is also running on iOS 9.2 and i have not seen any issue.

    1. Firstly you can log on your AOL account from a web browser on computer to check your email, so you make sure you have the right username and password. Then follow steps in the above guide to set up your AOL account on iPad or other mobile device you own using the same credentials.
      Please let us know if you get any error while setting up the mail account on your iPad.

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