How to add, delete, replace pages of a PDF file in Scanner Pro for iPhone?

“I scanned multiple files to PDF using Scanner Pro on iPhone and later I noticed some PDF page came out blurry. Is there any way to replace only the blurry page without scanning all over again?”

Scanner Pro is a powerful PDF scanner that makes document scanning and editing easy right on iPhone. It allows us to easily scan documents to PDF using our iPhone, and you’ll have the options of adding, removing, replacing, merging, copying, extracting pages in a PDF file. Follow along and we’ll show you how to edit scanned PDF documents below.

Add new pages to a PDF file

Adding one or more new pages to an existing PDF file with Scanner Pro is a snap. Simply run the scanner app on iPhone. Tap to open a scanned PDF on iPhone, then touch the Add button at the bottom left corner to start scanning documents to PDF using your iPhone. All new scanned pages will be merged to the selected PDF file. And you can drag the pages within a PDF file to re-order them.

add and scan new pages to scanned pdf document using scannerpro iphone

Delete pages from a PDF file

On the home screen of the PDF scanner app, you’ll see all the scanned documents. Tap to open the PDF file you want to edit. You can then swipe left to browse through PDF pages. Touch the thumbnail view mode button at the upper right section to view all page thumbnails. Tap to select one or more page(s), tap Delete button at the bottom left corner and select Delete from the pop-up dialogue to confirm and delete selected page(s) from the PDF file on your iPhone.

delete pages in pdf on iphone using scannerpro

Replace pages in a PDF file

You may select and remove the page(s) from a PDF file, then add new pages to it. Alternatively use the new ‘retake’ feature which makes replacing any existing pages in a PDF file much easier. Select the page in the PDF file, tap Delete, you’ll see a pop-up dialogue. To replace an old PDF page with a new version, choose Retake to re-scan this paper, document or page and replace the old page in the PDF file on your iPhone.
retake, replace pages in pdf file on iphone scannerpro

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