Add files to ZIP archive on iPhone

In an earlier post, we demonstrated how iPhone users can select files and create zip archive from them using a free file manager app on their iOS device. You can find more details from this guide to create ZIP files on iPhone for free.

What if you want to add additional files to an existing ZIP file on iPhone? For instance, you just created a zipped file by including some but not all the necessary PDF documents. Is there any way to add those missed files to an archive file which is already zipped? Of course, you unzip the zipped file and then create a new zipped file by including all the files that you want. But there is a better way for that? Can we directly add extra files to a zip file on iPhone? iZip is a popular zip and unzip tool for iPhone and iPad users. It offers both free with ads and premium versions on App Store. You can find the key features of the zip unzip app for iOS here.

To append new files to existing ZIP file using iZip is easy. Just follow the steps below.

Adding files to iZip

If the Zip file was created using other apps, you need to import the ZIP file to iZip app on iPhone. Run iZip app, tap on Document Browser to explore the files saved in the stock Files app on your iPhone or iPad. If the PDF file is saved in other apps, try the Share or Open In features to copy it to iZip app. Once the Zip file was imported to iZip, you can find it under the Files category within iZip app.

izip files category on iphone
izip files category on iphone

Use the same method to import other files that you want to append to the already zipped file.

Add new files to ZIP archive

Tap to open the Files tab within iZip app. Tap on the ZIP file that you want to add extra files to. You will then be prompted to unzip all files.

unzip all files izip iphone
unzip all files izip iphone

Choose Cancel so as not to unzip it. You will open the files contained in the Zip file. At the screen bottom, you can find options including unzip, open in and append.

add, append files to zip archive iphone using izip
add, append files to zip archive iphone using izip

Choose Append, then browse to the Files category, select files and add them to the opened ZIP file. Tap Done button, the selected files will be imported into the already zipped file.

select and append additional files to zip archive on iPhone using izip app

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