Add logo, watermark, image, signature to photos on iPhone

Want to protect your photography online and prevent others from taking credit for your hard work? You do not want people use your photos without your permission, do you? You can simply add a logo or watermark to your photos. It has become the common practice. On iPhone, the Photos app has the built-in feature to allow us to add text to photos on iPhone without any third-party image editors. Or you can sign digitally on photos and other documents on iPhone using the signature feature of the stock Photos app. iPhone allows you to create digital signatures on the iOS device so you can stamp your name or business onto your photography on iPhone easily. Can I add custom logos or watermarks in JPG, PNG format to my iPhone photos? In this quick guide, we will show you how to add a logo, picture, watermark, image signature to photos on iPhone using Photoshop Express app from Adobe, a simple process that is easy, fast and free.

How to add logo, watermark, image signature to photos on iPhone?

There are plenty of apps out there on App Store can watermark images, create graphic overlays. Adobe PS Express is our favorite app to add logo, watermark, image signature to photos on iPhone.

Run the free app on iPhone. Create an Adobe ID using your email address and sign in so you can enjoy many premium features of this free photo editor app. Switch from the Edit Images to the Make Collage mode in PS Express, then select the photo and your logo, watermark or image signature from Camera Roll, tap Next to add them into the photo editor app. You can find and choose different collage styles at the screen bottom. For example, you can choose the FREEFORM to create graphic overlay on iPhone. See below screenshot.

add logo, watermark, image, signature to photos on iphone using ps express app

You can zoom in or out of either or both the iPhone photo and your logo, watermark, image signature, move the logo, watermark, image signature to anywhere on the larger picture at the background. For example, you may want to display the logo or watermark at the lower right section of your iPhone photography. Finally tap the Share & Save button at the top right corner and choose Camera Roll to save the photo with your logo, watermark, or signature to the Photos app on iPhone.

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