Add logo, watermark, image, signature to iPhone videos

Adding logo, watermark, signature to photos and videos has become the common practice to protect copyright. The logo, watermark, signature are usually some sort of image, like PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF. But they can be text too. Adding text watermarks or logos are much easier. Many image or video editors can help you add text to pictures or videos on iPhone. Check out our previous article on adding text, watermark or signature to iPhone videos for a full walk-through. Even the Apple’s offering, iMovie, can handle text watermark or logo. How can you overlap a video with a custom image, watermark or logo? Here’s how to get the job done.

How to add logo, watermark, image to videos on iPhone?

There are different programs that you can use to stamp your signature, logo, watermark or just any picture on your videos. Videoshop is an iPhone video editor that can help you directly edit videos on the phone. You can use it to trim video, crop video, add effects, change volume, adjust playback speed, add watermarks and many more. If you do not have it already, buy the iPhone video editor here.

Step 1. Add video

Launch the video editing app on iPhone, you’ll be prompted to record a new video clip or import existing ones. Choose Import Clip if the video is already saved in your Camera Roll. After that the video editor will access your Camera Roll and you’ll see three tab at the header section: All, Videos and Photos.

Find and tap to select the video clip in the Videos tab. Tap Done button at top right corner to import the video clip to the editor app. Now the Edit screen opens. You can play and preview the video at the upper section. The filmstrip is at the bottom where you can find all the added video clips. You can grab and hold the clips to reposition them in the filmstrip.

edit video using videoshop video editor on iphone

Step 2. Add logo, watermark, image, signature

In the middle of the Edit screen, you can find all kinds of tools. Choose Impose to open the file section screen. Switch from the Videos to the Photos tab to find and select your logo, watermark, image signature or just any photo you want to overlay. Touch the Done button at the top right corner to add it. Now you will see the logo, watermark, image or signature over the video in the Edit screen.

add logo, watermark, signature, image to video on iphone using videoshop

Choose start point of your logo or watermark

Drag the image icon at the top section to any frame of the video where you like the logo, watermark, or image starts to show on your video.

Choose end point of your logo or watermark

At the bottom, you can adjust the duration of your logo or watermark on the video.

Move logo or watermark on the video

Drag the logo or watermark over the video to move it to any position on the video in the video play and preview window.

Resize logo or watermark on the video

Pinch to zoom in or out the logo or watermark on the video to make it bigger or smaller.

Step 3. Export video with logo or watermark

Tap Next button and follow on-screen tips to export and save the video with logo or watermark on it. You can save it to your Camera Roll or share it in your social networks, send it to a chat conversation, upload it to a cloud hosting service, etc.

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