Add mobi file to Kindle app on iPhone iPad

.mobi format is the native format for books used on Amazon Kindle. iPhone iPad however doesn’t accept ebooks in mobi format. If you want to read mobi books on iPhone iPad, you can use a book converter, notably Calibre, to convert the mobi to epub books on computer first, or download a third-party mobi reader, notably Amazon Kindle app for iOS.

Amazon Kindle app for iOS

In this article, I’ll show you how to get .mobi books you just downloaded from your PC to your iPhone Kindle app. There are different ways to achieve that. For example, you can sync mobi to iPhone iPad via iTunes File Sharing, import mobi files to Kindle app on iOS device via Dropbox. The easiest and more reliable way is email. Check out details below.

Method 1. Import mobi to Kindle on iPhone iPad via email

Email is the easiest way to add a mobi file to your Kindle app on iPhone iPad. Just attach the mobi file to an email and send it to yourself. Then open the email in the Mail app on iPhone or iPad, tap on the attached mobi file to download it. Then tap on the mobi file to bring up the action menu. There will be an option named ‘Copy to Kindle’. You may have to swipe across the icons at the top of the action menu to find this option. Tap on this option, the MOBI file will be opened in the Kindle app.

Import mobi to Kindle on iPhone iPad via email

Method 2. Upload books to Kindle library through Send-to-Kindle Email

Other than copy books from email to Kindle app on iPhone, you can also choose to upload your ebooks to Kindle library through the Send-to-Kindle Email address. To be able to use this service, you will have to register your device for Personal documents and then also add approved email addresses to Kindle from which you, your friends and family can send documents to your Kindle library.

Once you have uploaded books to your Kindle library, run Kindle app on your iPhone, then the books will be downloaded to your iPhone automatically when connected to internet.

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  1. How to add mobi files to Kindle app on iPhone:

    1. Email the mobi file to yourself.
    2. Open the email and tap on the mobi file.
    3. Tap on share icon on the top right hand corner of your screen.
    4. Select Kindle. If you can’t find Kindle, add it by tapping the “more” button (three dots).
    5. Make sure that the “Save in Kindle Library” button is enabled.
    6. If the “Author” field is empty, type XXX.
    7. Tap “Send”.
    8. Now open the Kindle App.
    9. The new book should appear in the “library” page. If you can’t find the new book, pull the screen down to refresh the page.
    10. The new book might appear as a “doc” icon. Tap on it to download the new book. The book cover should appear as a thumbnail.

    1. Thank you for this.
      I have spent a very frustrating couple of hours trying to copy files to an ipad, then I found this.

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