Add text to videos on iPhone

If you want to stamp your video clips with your name, brand, logo, or any watermark on iPhone, you need to use a video editor. The current Markup tool in iOS can only help you stamp photographs. And here’s how to stamp videos with text, names, watermarks on iPhone using a professional video editor app.

How to add text to videos on iPhone?

Get this video editor app for iPhone if not yet. Launch the app, you will have the option to import video clips from your Camera roll.

edit video using videoshop video editor on iphone

Select a video clip at the storyboard or timeline at the bottom section of the video editing screen, then tap TEXT from the toolbar at the middle. You can then open the text editing screen like below.

add text to video on iphone using videoshop

You can play the video to any scene or frame that you like to insert the text or watermark to, then pause and add the text. You have the option to choose how long to display the text on the video. Before you double tap on the video to type or edit text, you can switch to different tabs at the bottom to apply and customize the text border, fade in/out style and animation effects. When you type the text, you will see the preset font styles you can choose and apply. Pinch two fingers to zoom in and out the text and thus change font size in an intuitive way on iPhone screen. Drag the text on the screen to put it anywhere you like.

You can repeat the above steps to add captions to video, add different text, watermarks, description with various styles to different parts of the same video clip. Finally go to export the video with text from the video editor to your Camera Roll, Files app, other apps or social network services.

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