How to add widgets on iPhone?

On iPhone iPad, you can quickly access the Widgets panel or Today View by swiping right over the Home screen, Lock screen or while you’re looking at your notifications. This allows iOS users to quickly check their favorite apps, like to-do lists, reminders, notes, stock, weather, news, etc.

Adding widgets or new apps to the widgets panel on iPhone is very simple. Just slide from left to right on your home screen to get to the Today View or widgets screen. Scroll to the bottom, you will find the Edit button. Tap on it, you will see a list of all existing widgets at the upper section of the screen. At the lower section, you will see a long list of more widgets that you have access to. To add new widgets, just tap on the green plus button before an app or item.

add widgets on iPhone
add widgets on iPhone


  • One app could offer two or more widgets;
  • Tap the red minus symbol next to the widget you want to remove it from the Widgets panel.

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