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  1. emails trying to add my email to my new ipad…everytime i put my password it says its not correct…
    i know its correct… try so many times it locks me out..i know thats the correct password because i still get mail on my older ipad..would love to keep ipad but if i cant add my email
    which is yahoo i will have to return it soon..

    thanks for any help betty tackett

  2. Hi I recently deleted my yahoo.email account from my iPad air2 as it wasn’t fetching my emails. When I went to re-add it to my iPad it took me to my yahoo Edit Profile page so I can’t add it. The Apple technical support service said it was an yahoo issue but of course there is no way of getting ahold of anyone at Yahoo.i have the latest IOS. Thanks

    1. Hi I’m having a similar problem – I have a yahoo account but my emails aren’t coming through and I am tempted to delete it and start again but it said I would lose my contacts and I am a little concerned as this iPad is also linked to my mobile phone where I receive emails. Can anyone advise please ?

      Thanks Jatinder

  3. i recently purchased an ipad air 2. I can get my Yahoo mail, but it is not centered. The emails are on the far left side with a very large blank screen to view the message text. I want the emails to be centered and have the folders list stay on the left side. I want to click on the email to bring up the email message. I can’t find a way to change the view. Can you help me?

    1. Hello, does anyone have an update or more info on this situation? I’m running into the exact same issue since i got a new iPad.

      iOS 12.1.1

      Not sure how to attach samples pics or I would. Basically on my previous PC, just like the poster described, when I opened yahoo I had a window pane on the left that had inbox, sent, trash, spam etc folders. The middle pane had a listing of emails (name, subject, and 1st line of e-mail text) and the right pane had ads.

      When I open yahoo mail on my iPad, I only have 2 panes; on the left is a condensed listing of e-mails (name, subject, and 1st line of e-mail text) on the right is a blank area. If I click on one of the e-mails in the left pane, that e-mail’s text will then come up in the right pane.

      I can’t find any information on the web about this. Every search on a search site keeps talking about PC style. I know how to switch back and forth between folder listing and e-mails, but I want them on the same screen. I have tried yahoo from the iPad’s mail function, from downloading the yahoo app, and using safari and chrome, all the same issue.

    1. my ipad has been upgraded to later version, thus i can’t replicate the issue on my end.
      firstly make sure your network speed is fast, try close the Mail app and re-launch it, go to add the email account see if any update. Or restart iPad and re-add the Yahoo account. If still no luck, you can download and use the Yahoo mail app from apple app store onto your iOS device.

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