AirMore allows you to connect your iOS device to PC wirelessly for file transfer, media streaming and more. Free you from cables and client. The only thing you need to do is to open the web browser on PC. AirMore supported browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

File Transfer

Easily transfer your files between your device and PC with clicks, including local media flies. No need for cables.

Easy connection

Scan the QR Code on AirMore web and get connected at ease. (For now, local network connection only).

AirMore for iphone - home
AirMore for iphone

Secure Transfer

AirMore makes the transfer between mobile device and PC more private and secure, as your approval is required for connection.

Multimedia Streaming

AirMore allows you to stream iOS pictures and videos to your PC easily. Transferring is no longer necessary as you can easily stream media files to a large screen and share with others.

Access iPhone from desktop web browser via AirMore
Access iPhone from PC using web browser

File Management

AirMore supports a wide range of document formats like txt, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, epub and so on. You can upload, download them on web. You can also create new folders in iOS device and add new files.


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