Alook Web Browser

Alook Web Browser aim to be the best browser for iOS. Check out its amazing features below.

  • No push, no news, no ads, 23MB, booting under one second.
  • Audio/video floating player, 2x speed (supports 0.5-2.0), shares links, AirPIay, background play
  • Download, decompress and compress (zip, rar & 72), read, play, Wi-Fi Transfer and file management.
  • Reader mode, smart splicing pages.
  • Built-in 14 languages translation, support full-page translation and word translation.
  • Gallery mode to view and save pictures in batches.
  • Built-in Adblock Plus, support for manually editing tagged ads, auto-shielding intrusive ads.
  • Custom search engine.
  • Full-format e-book reader (txt, pdf, epub, mobi, azw, azw3, azw4, prc, pdb).
  • iOS 11 Files and iTunes file sharing.
  • JavaScript Extension, run JS code on webpages.
  • Perfectly fit iPhone, iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro, support device synchronization.
  • Site Settings: video floating, block intrusive ads, text-only mode, clipboard access and JavaScript.
  • Perfectly supports split screen and iOS 11 drag and drop operation on iPad.
Alook Web Browser for iphone - menu

More Features:

  • iCloud sync.
  • Homepage wallpaper.
  • Preload next page.
  • Privacy mode.
  • Touch ID / Face ID authentication.
  • Custom site icon.
  • Auto refresh: Automatically refresh at regular intervals.
  • Handoff.
  • Full-page snapshot.
  • Night mode (pure black option for OLED screen).
  • Webpage green background to protect your eyes.
  • Text-only mode, Auto Text-only mode.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Pull down to refresh.
  • ln-page lookup.
  • Search in site.
  • Developer Tools: View webpage source, Eruda, vConsole and Firebug Lite.
  • Big Bang for text segmentation and combination.
  • 1Password, LastPass, Avast Passwords & other password managers that conform to ’1Password protocol.
  • Front and rear camera scanning QR code.
  • Identify image QR codes and generate QR codes for link.
  • Desktop/Mobile site switch (custom UA).
  • Stop direct jumping App Store.
  • Print, create PDF.
  • Website shortcut input, quick open copy URL.
  • Support page turning button and click screen to turn page.
  • Slide anywhere on the page to return
  • View site certificate.
  • Custom long press shortcuts.
  • Custom font, language, page slide rate, screen rotation lock…
alook web browser night, dark mode on iphone
alook web browser night, dark mode on iphone

Schemes (not case sensitive):

  • Startup: Alook://
  • Search or open URL: Alook:// followed by search or link to open.
  • New download: Alook://download/ followed by download link.
  • Scan QR code: Alook://QRCode
  • Start searching: Alook://Search
  • Open the library: Alook://Books
  • Open bookmark: Alook://Bookmarks

Privacy & Security:

  • Alook won’t upload your account, password and any activity data.
  • Browsing records, caches, and cookies are not saved in incognito mode.
  • Unlike some browsers that synchronize bookmarks and other data in the developer database, Your data is saved in private iCIoud database, nobody including developers can access the data.

Download & Purchase

Purchase this app for $0.99 only, one time fee, from the App Store.

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