Automate your workflow in Cropsize Photo Resizer Editor

CropSize is a photo editing app offers many useful features. For example, we can use it to convert the new HEIC format to PNG, JPG or TIFF on iPhone iPad , edit or delete metadata of iPhone iPad photos without loading them off your iOS device, etc. We also found some powerful features with CropSize app that make it a step above other photo editing apps. For instance, it supports batch process so you can edit multiple photos in batch. Batch processing allows users to edit up to 50 images in one go and share this group to any destination. What’s more it offers the Programs feature to automate the entire editing process. If you want to edit other photos the same way in the future or have more than 50 images to process, say 1000 images, instead of batch process 50 images each time, you can save the set of edits (image filters, size changes, rotations and more) as a template or program. When the program is saved, you can use it as many times as you like in the future. A very fast and effective way to perform repetitive tasks with photos.

Here’s how you can automate the image process using the Programs feature with CropSize photo editor on iPhone iPad.

Step 1. Create a program

Open the image editor on your iOS device, it will open your Camera Roll automatically so you can select an image and add it to the editor quickly. If you are on other screen of the editor app, you can switch to the Load screen from the bottom toolbar, then add at least one image from your Camera Roll to the picture editor. Edit the image as you like. When you have applied all the desired changes to it, hit the Export button, then choose Program at the bottom bar. The Save program dialog pops up. Give the program a name and save it.

Create a program in crop size photo resizer editor app on iPhone

Step 2. Execute a program

Run CropSize app on your iPhone or iPad, it opens your Camera Roll automatically. Tap to select the images you like to edit. Then tap the program button at the bottom right corner. On the next screen you will see a list of all your existing programs. If need, tap the ‘info’ button besides each program to view its details. Find the right program and tap it to execute.

access and execute a program in crop size photo resizer editor app on iPhone

The photo editor will start process all selected pictures. After that you will have the option to save the images to your Camera Roll, or share them.

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