AVR iPhone HTTP Server & File Transfer

Awesome Voice Recorder (AVR) is a very popular third-party voice recorder app for iPhone iPad. Except record sound with various codec in high quality, it offers many extra features you may like. For instance, it can merge audio files on iPhone, convert iPhone voice memos to MP3, WAV, etc. What’s more, it even comes with the HTTP server support so users can easily transfer their audio recordings from iPhone to computer or other mobile devices, or import audio files, voice recordings from computer or other device to iPhone and edit them with the voice recorder on iPhone. In this quick guide, we will show you how to enable the HTTP Server with Awesome Voice Recorder(AVR) on iPhone to transfer audio files, sound recordings across multiple devices over Wi-Fi.

Setup HTTP server with AVR on iPhone

Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. Run the AVR recorder app on your iOS device. Tap on the Settings icon at the bottom right corner on its home screen, touch the ON/OFF toggle besides HTTP Server to turn it on. After that you should see two Web Address, an alphabetic one and a numeric one.

enable http server in Awesome Voice Recorder(AVR) on iPhone
enable http server in Awesome Voice Recorder(AVR) on iPhone

Access AVR HTTP server from computer

On your PC or Mac, open a desktop browser to access one of the web address you get after you setup the HTTP server in AVR app. Don’t forget the port number in the web transfer address. You will then see the wireless file transfer web interface as below.

Awesome Voice Recorder(AVR) wifi file transfer via desktop web browser

Upload, download files

Drag & drop files from your PC or Mac on the above file transfer window or use the “Upload Files…” button to upload new files to your iPhone. To download audio files from the AVR app on iPhone to your computer, simply hit the Download icon before each audio file to download them one by one.

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