Backup iPhone contacts to email using MCbackup app

Email provides us a very convenient way to exchange data between different devices. For example, you can send files from computer to yourself through email, then download the attached files from email to your mobile phone. Cases in point? Check out this tutorial to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone through email. In this article, we will introduce you the My Contacts Backup app and how this app can help us backup contacts from iPhone to our email account so we can download them to another other devices through email or restore them to iPhone in case of data loss.

On your iPhone, run App Store, switch to the Search tab from the bottom, type in ‘my contacts backup‘ in the search field and search, then find and download this free iPhone contacts backup app on to your iPhone.

Run MCbackup app on iPhone, this app will calculate the total contacts on your phone instantly and there will be a big green button with white text ‘Backup‘ from its home screen. Tap this button to backup all contacts on iPhone.

free iphone contacts backup app mcbackup

Your iPhone contacts should be exported as a VCF file, you will see its file size and a the number of contacts included in the contacts backup file, and the Email option, see below screenshot.

email contacts backup file from iphone using mcbackup app

Note that you will need to have email account setup on iPhone otherwise you will not be able to attach iPhone backups to email or send tje backup file to other devices through email. Do not miss out this tutorial to add Hotmail account to iPhone.

To export contacts from iPhone to computer or transfer contacts from iPhone to another phone, you can simply touch the Email button as shown in above picture. The iPhone contacts file will be attached to a new email. You can choose a recipient and the sender’s email account on your iPhone, then send the iPhone contacts through email. You can send the contacts backup file to yourself via email. Then go to download it from email to your PC, Mac or other phones. For example, you can follow these steps to transfer VCF contacts to Android phone.

mcbackup app - send iphone contacts backup through email

4 thoughts on “Backup iPhone contacts to email using MCbackup app”

  1. Hello dear sir /madam

    I have change my phone and I have taken all contacts in back in MC. Hv mail also my contact. . But now i m using another mobile. I m trying to restore my all contact backup in this phone. But i dont know wjst is the issue its jot happen.
    Can you plz help me out

  2. I was using redmi 5 pro and took a backup in mcbackup. Now i am not able to import contact to i phone from mcbackup. Please help. It doesnot allow to download the attachment of contact that I emailed to myself. When i try to click on it it only show onw contact, not the attachment

  3. My mc backup will not back up on my iPhone. It gives the total contacts below a blue circle with 0 in it. Under that is a blue button that says backup. But when you click on it it goes directly to my email but does not back up my contacts.

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