Batch Resize Photos on iPhone iPad

iPhone iPad offer us the very basic image editing features. For example, we can crop photos on iOS devices, resize photos on iPhone iPad without using any third party apps. However there are many useful photo processing functions cannot be found in iOS system yet. For instance, you still have to use a professional image editor to crop images to any resolutions on iPhone iPad.  In this article, we will show you another long waited picture editing feature: resize and batch resize photos on iOS device.

How to Resize or Batch Resize Photos on iPhone iPad?

You will need to download this crop and resize image tool on App Store. Run it on your iPhone or iPad, you will see its home screen like below.

crop-size app for ipad home screen

You can see the tool bar at the bottom of this image crop and resize app for iOS. When it starts initially, you can tap the ‘Load‘ button to browse to your photo library or Camera Roll on iPhone iPad to add source images and photos you like to resize. You can select and add multiple or many photos into this app for batch resize. Other buttons are grayed out before you adding pictures to this editor. After that you will see its main interface as shown in below screenshot of this image editor on iPad.

image crop size app on ipad main interface

Touch Resize from the bottom tool bar to reveal more options and settings you can resize pictures on iPhone or iPad. Basically you have three different options to resize photos using this tool:

  • Apple resolution presets: this app offers the most popular image sizes or resolutions you may want, like 160*160, 320*480, 480*640, 600*800, 640*480, 640*640, 640*960, 640*1136, 768*1024, 800*600, 960*640, 1024*768, 1080*1080, 1080*1920, 1200*1920, just to name a few. Choose a preset, then touch the Apply button to resize image to the selected size.
  • Resize an image by a percentage of itself: you will see a percentage slider bar which you can slide to left or right to resize images to a percentage relative to source images.
  • Manually input new photo size by percentage or pixels: you can specify a new width or height manually or a percentage of original height and a percentage of original width.
resize photos using crop size app on iPhone iPad
batch resize & crop settings crop-size app for ios
batch process photos using crop size app for ios

Before we batch resize photos and pictures on iPhone iPad, you can tap Options to change the settings of batch crop and resize as shown below. Additionally you can also choose output image file format, image quality, etc.

Choose Process to batch resize pictures on iPhone iPad using this image crop resize app.

Once you are done with image editing, you will have options to save the output photos to iOS device, share the on social network sites, transfer them to others and many more.

Automate your Workflow in the image editor

Except the batch processing, the images editor also allows users to create programs to automate their workflow. Check out this guide to automate your workflow in Cropsize Photo Resizer Editor.

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