Change volume of iPhone videos

Sometimes you may need to edit the volume of videos on iPhone. For example if the volume of video is too low, you need to increase volume of the video; on the other end, if the volume of iPhone video is too loud or if you want to add extra audio file or background music to it, you may need to lower the volume or perhaps mute the recorded audio or video. In summary, adjusting the volume is a fundamental part in video production and editing. It helps you enhance audio clarity, balance multiple audio elements, such as dialogue, background music and sound effects, eliminate background noise, ensure consistent audio experience through the video when it is consisted of multiple clips or scenes, emphasize certain audio elements, etc.

Changing the volume of a video on an iPhone is relatively easy and straightforward. It’s a basic adjustment that doesn’t require advanced video editing skills. All you need is just a video editor which is capable of audio & volume editing, like iMovie, the stock movie editor for iPhone iPad and iPod touch. Other than this, many third party media editors can also do this job such as the Videoshop which stands out for its ease of use and rich features. In this article, we will show you two ways to edit sound tracks and change volume of iPhone videos.


Method 1. Edit volume of video using iMovie

iMovie is the stock video editor on Apple devices, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. iMovie for iOS is a powerful and versatile video editing tool that provides a range of features for both beginners and more advanced users. iMovie lets you edit audio tracks in your videos, adjust the volume levels, add background music, and apply sound effects. It comes for free. So anyone with an iPhone can use it to edit the volume of videos for free on their iPhone.

Open the iMovie app on your iPhone and create a new project or open an existing one.

imovie projects viewer & brower on iphone

Select the video clip from your the video album in Photos and import it to the timeline in iMovie. Tap on the clip in iMovie timeline to bring up the editing menu at the bottom of the screen, including one for audio. Then tap on the Volume button.

edit volume of a video in iMovie on iphone

Use the slider to adjust the volume of the video to your desired level. Move the volume slider to the right to increase volume up to 500%, or move the volume slider to the left to decrease volume, move it to the left end to remove sound from the video completely.

Increase volume of a video

By default the slider will be placed at the 100% position which refers to the original volume when you recorded the video using your iPhone. Move the slider right to increase it.

Decrease volume of a video

If you want to decrease the volume because it is to loud or high, you can move the slider left to low down volume of videos on iPhone.

Mute iPhone videos

It works the same as you decrease volume of a video on iPhone. To mute iPhone videos or remove audio from videos on iPhone, be sure to move the slider to the left end until you see the volume percentage is 0%.

Play the video clip to preview the changes you made and make further changes of the audio or volume until you are satisfied. When you’re satisfied with the volume changes, tap on the Done button in the top left corner of the screen to save the change and return to the Project screen where you get the option to save and share the video.

Method 2. Change volume of recorded videos using VideoShop

The Videoshop video editor for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available) is our favorite third party video editor. We have introduced this video editor app in several articles before. Advanced users like it because it is a powerful video editing tool. Beginners like it for its intuitive design and ease of use.

When you start this media editor and movie maker on iPhone, you will be asked to either record a new video or import an existing one. In this tutorial we are going to change volume of an existing video recorded using your iPhone camera, thus choose the later option to add a video from your Camera Roll or Photo library to the movie editor. After that you will see its video editing screen like this.

change video volume on iphone using videoshop

At the bottom of the movie maker, you can see thumbnails of all added photos and videos. Above each video clip you should see a speaker icon. Tap on it, the Clip Volume bar will be displayed on your iPhone screen. See below screenshot.

change video volume on iphone using videoshop

To volume up a video, slide the volume bar to the right, to volume down a video, slide the volume bar to the left. It is self-explanatory. Play the video after the change to make sure you have adjusted its volume properly before you go to save the video to your Photo library on iPhone or share it with your networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.