Chinese Chess – China board game

Chinese Chess or Xiangqi is a strategy board game for two players. It is one of the most popular board games in China, and is in the same family as Western (or international) chess, chaturanga, shogi, Indian chess and janggi. Before the internet age, people had to buy books, position the pieces on the board according to the books, to learn to play Chinese chess and understand various positions. Advances in technology have made learning Chinese chess much more accessible. Now, people can also make use of the internet to access various online resources to learn or play Chinese Chess. There are even many free websites, free software, free apps available on the internet for playing and learning this old Chinese board game.

Chinese Chess – China board game app

Chinese Chess – China game is one of the best free apps to learn Chinese chess. It has beautiful graphics and rich of useful features. Especially it contains many endgames and game replays. Check out its features and download it for free onto your iOS device below.

Chinese Chess – China game app features:

  1. Super AI ability, from easy to master.
  2. Daily recommendation of endgame and game replay for you.
  3. 4000 Endgame levels for your challenging.
  4. New version of Endgame library, including over 10000 endgames.
  5. Download the game replay of Newest Chinese Chess Match.
  6. Many game replays from master’s contest, easy to study from master. Huge library of the best contemporary Chinese chess players’ championship games.
  7. multi-playing-modes are designed, AI Mode, Endgame Mode, Study Mode.
  8. Beautiful graphics and animations, wonderful finger battle
  9. Tips for different stages of the game: beginning, middle, and end game.
  10. Sound background music.
  11. Choose between traditional pieces with Chinese characters or figurine pieces, which might ease the ‘pain’ for players with a background in International Chess.
  12. Option to put the opponent’s pieces in the same direction, upside other than inverse.
  13. All endgame provide reference answer.
  14. You can switch side when you challenge endgame.
  15. You can design your own endgame and challenge it.
  16. Massive functions: hint, undo, save, record, etc.
  17. There are various board interfaces and piece types to choose from when playing a game.
  18. You can import your own endgame & game replay file into App.


Get this free Chinese chess app onto your iPhone or iPad from the App Store here.

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