Combine audio, music and recordings on iPhone

Awesome Voice Recorder(AVR) is a powerful audio recorder app for iOS with many useful features. For example, instead of m4a, it can also help us record audios as MP3, WAV files on iPhone; we can also convert iPhone voice memos from m4a to MP3 or WAV. Today, we will introduce one of its hidden features, merging audios.

Combine audio, music, recordings on iPhone iPad

Like many other new users, I found it is difficult to get to the Combine screen as shown below.

Combine audio, music, recordings using AVR app on iPhone iPad

Open the audio recorder app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the Folder icon at the bottom left corner to browse to your folders and find the audio or sound recording files you want to join together. Tap on one recording to show the play controls at the bottom.

AVR app audio, sound recording list on iPhone

Touch the Edit button at the bottom right corner to open the Edit screen. Here you can find the two chain link symbol, tap on it to open the Combine screen as shown on the first image above.

AVR app edit audio, sound recording on iPhone

Once you are on the Combine screen, tap on the + icon to add extra sound recordings.

Add external audio files

Except the sound recordings captured using the Awesome Voice Recorder app, you can also import audios and recordings from iPhone Voice Memos and other apps on the iOS device. You can even make use of its HTTP Server File Transfer feature to upload audio files from your PC or Mac computer and edit them with the AVR app on iPhone. Once you finished editing, use the same tool to load them off onto your computer. The recorder app makes the file exchange between your iOS device and computer really simple.

Play recordings

Tap on the Play icon next to the recordings to play them so as to make sure you have selected the right file to merge.

Manage recordings

Tap on the Edit icon at the top right corner so you can delete audio recordings from the list, or drag and drop to move recordings up or down to rearrange them in the right sequences.

Combine audios & recordings

Finally touch the Save button at the screen bottom, choose a output file format and save the combined files as a new file in the voice recording app on your iPhone. You can then share the combined audio file from the folder where it is saved in the recorder app.

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