How to combine multiple images into one PDF file on iPhone?

Looking for a way to combine multiple photos, images into a PDF document for easy sharing on iPhone? In an earlier post, we listed several ways you can convert photos to PDF files on iPhone iPad. Speaking of combining photos and convert them to one PDF, PDF Photos app is the best. It provides various photo grids layout and even allows users to create their own layout. See how you can stitch multiple photos, images together into one PDF file on iPhone or iPad below.

How to combine multiple images into one PDF file on iPhone?

Run the PDF Photos app on your iPhone, then choose a page layout from its home screen. In case you need a very special layout which the photo to PDF converter doesn’t offer, scroll down to the bottom to create a custom page layout.

page layouts - pdf photos app for iphone

Once you have selected the PDF page layout, tap on the Next button at the bottom right corner to proceed to the Document Options screen where you can choose Cover Page, Page Header, Page Footer, Page Margins, Orientation, Image Scale, Paper Size, etc.

document options pdf photos converter for iphone

Make any desired change, then go to the Photos screen where you can add photos from your Camera Roll to the PDF converter app. Drag and drop the image thumbnails to rearrange them in the grid.

add photos to pdf photos converter app for iphone

Go to the Preview screen to see the PDF layout and add text to the PDF file if you have already selected a grid layout that supports text.

export share settings in pdf photos converter app for iphone

Finally go to the Share screen to tweak the file settings, then save or share it as you like.

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