Combine multiple voice memos on iPhone

Voice Memos is the built-in audio recorder app on iPhone iPad. It however doesn’t allow users to pause audio recordings. As a result we need to frequently trim sections of tracks when no one is speaking or combine multiple voice recording clips. If you are looking for a way to merge two voice memos on iPhone iPad, or an alternative app with the ability to pause voice recording, you can use third-party voice recorders or audio editors.


Method 1. Join two voice memos into one with Hokusai

In this quick guide, we will use Hokusai audio editor to show you how to import your voice memos and sound recordings into this audio recorder & editor app and combine two or more voice memos for free on iPhone. You don’t have to purchase the full version in order to use it to edit your voice memos.

hokusai audio editor for iOS

Step 1. Export voice memos, recordings to Files

Run the Voice Memos app, tap Edit button at the top right corner, choose the sound recording, tap Share, choose Save to Files, select a folder and save a copy of those selected voice memos to the Files app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Merge two voice memos

Open the audio editor app, tap the Add (+) button at the upper right corner to create a new project. Tap the Import button at the bottom to browse to the voice memos saved in the Files app and add the first voice memo or audio recording track to the audio editor. Then move the playhead to the end point of the sound wave of the first audio track. After that go to import the second voice memo or sound recording from Files app to the audio editor. If you need to add extra sound tracks, make sure to drag and drop the playhead to the end of the previous audio.

merge music or audio recordings on iphone using hokusai audio editor

Optionally you can also play any added sound tracks and trim the audio or music to remove the unnecessary audio segment before you merge them.

hokusai share audio iphone

Tap the spanner icon at the top right section, select Share Audio from the drop-down menu, save the merged audio to the Files app on your iPhone, any cloud service you use. You can also share the merged music/audio via message, mail, chat apps and more.

The voice memos will be joined into a single audio file in the format, .m4a or wav, which is specified in the app’s settings. You can change the sharing format from settings before you combine the audio files if need.

Method 2. Combine multiple voice memos with Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD – Recording is feature-rich audio recorder and editor app for iPhone, iPad which designed to meet all your recording needs.

This app is not recommended any more, useful features getting removed from the free version with new releases. Now you have to subscribe with $12.99/month to the pro version in order to use it to merge audios, recording on iPhone.

Step 1. Import files from Voice Memos to Voice Recorder

Launch the stock Voice Memos app on your iPhone. Find the recording files you like to combine. Swipe left on a voice recording, choose More Actions (three horizontal dots), you will then see the action menu at the lower section, slide up the menu to show more menu items, choose Recorder from the list to import the voice memo from Voice Memos to Voice Recorder app. Repeat the steps to add extra voice memos.

Step 2. Combine multiple voice memos

Run the recorder app, you should see the voice memos that you have just transferred from the Voice Memos app.

merge, mix voice memos, sound recordings on iPhone using voice recorder hd - recording
merge, mix voice memos, sound recordings on iPhone using voice recorder hd – recording

Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner, then tap to select the voice memos you want to combine. Tap the Waveform button at the bottom and select Merge from the pop-up menu. You will then have the option to arrange the order of the voice memos in the list. You can move a voice memo up or down to change its order in the sequence. Tap on Merge button at the bottom again to combine the selected audio recordings or voice memos on iPhone.

The above audio recorder app also allows users to export sound recordings, merged voice memos to other devices, send them to other users, convert audios to a different format, etc. It even provides the built-in wifi transfer feature which allows us to export the sound recordings to computers and other mobile devices.

Voice memos combining & converting alternatives

Awesome Voice Recorder Pro (AVR): the best voice recording application with a cool interface and perfect functionality for business people, reporters, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, school personnel, university students and those who need to manage voice memos. It can help us easily convert voice memos from m4a to MP3, WAV or other formats on iPhone.

Update Oct 2022: since the voice recorder app removes the audio merge feature from its free version, added Hokusai which can still be used to combine voice memos, sound recordings for free on iPhone.

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  1. This post is outdated as there is no waveform button to merge files in the referenced app. For how advanced phones have gotten, its amazing how difficult it can be just to do a simple task like merge audio files… what on earth justifies the $13 a month that this app wants for the pro version? That’s an obscene amount!

    1. I agree! Or why can’t I do something simple like email multiple voice memos at once?? And while I’m venting with you, why is there no setting to change the snooze duration on my standard iPhone alarm?!? These are simple things that shouldn’t upset me… but as you say, you’d think with all the advancements we would gain functionality in some of these basic apps… not always the case.

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