How to combine PDF files in Scanner Pro?

If you have scanned a document to PDF in the past, can you add more files to that PDF doc using Scanner Pro? The iPhone scanner app makes adding pages to a scanned document and combining two or more PDF files easy and convenient.

Adding more pages to a scanned PDF on iPhone

Launch the scanner app on your iPhone, all your previous scans will be displayed in the home screen. Browse through the thumbnails to find the PDF which you like to edit. Tap to open the scanned PDF on iPhone, then touch the Add button at the bottom left corner to start scanning documents to PDF using your iPhone. All new scanned documents or pages will be merged to the selected PDF file.

add and scan new pages to scanned pdf document using scannerpro iphone

Merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF on iPhone

You can also choose to scan other documents or pages using the scanner app, then combine multiple PDF into one. Or join two existing PDF files together within the scanner app. On the home screen of the iPhone scanner app, tap the Select button at the top right corner, then tap the thumbnails to select two or more scanned PDF files, touch the Merge button at the bottom to combine them.

combine scanned documents, pdf files using scannerpro on iphone

Change the order of PDF pages and files when combing them

The scan with more amount of pages will come before a scan with less pages in the merged file. To re-order pages in desired order, open the merged PDF file, then drag and drop the pages to re-position them.

Alternatively you can also select and copy pages from one PDF file to another so as to change the amount of pages they contain and adjust their order when merging them together.

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