Combine photos in a collage using Google Photos on iPhone

Want to stitch a bunch of screenshots into a single picture so you can compare them? Need to make a collage with photos on iPhone so you can share with your friends in social networks? Apple’s Photos app can’t help you with that. You need to use a collage maker or some photo editors with collage tools to create a photo collage on iPhone.

The Photos by Google is not a dedicated photo collage app, but a smart photo & video manager and storage service. Google Photos has a simple collage maker that is perfect for quickly combining photos into a collage on iPhone.

Some limitations of Google Photos

Before you start using Google Photos to make collage or join together your photos, there are some limitations you should know. Google Photos’ collage tool allows users to select up to 9 photos to combine. Another limitation is that it will create collages of the image files you choose automatically with a layout that it thinks suits best, and there’s no way to manually re-position the photos in a grid or change grid type. Download it from the App Store if not yet onto your iPhone.

If you are looking for a collage maker with more ready-to-use collage layouts and templates, greater freedom to edit your pictures, you should check out this guide to combine photos on iPhone for free. Continue reading if you only need a very basic photo collage which the Google Photos can help with.

google photos app for iphone ipad

Create a collage with photos using Google Photos

Start the Photos by Google on your iPhone. Switch from the Photos to the Library tab from the bottom.

google photos library on iphone

Tap Utilities at the top right of your iPhone’s screen. Scroll down to find the Create New section where you can see Animation, Collage and Movie. Here choose Collage.

google photos utilities on iphone

Google Photos will access your photo gallery on iPhone and ask you to choose from 2 to 9 photos to combine. Preview the thumbnails of those images, pictures, and screenshots in your album. You can select as many as 9 images, pictures, and/or screenshots to join together. Once you have selected all pictures you want to include in the collage, tap on Create option at the upper right corner. The collage will be automatically saved to your camera roll on iPhone.

select photos, create, edit, share, upload collage in Google photos on iPhone

Google Photos Collage maker extra tips

Once you have finished creating the photo collage using Google Photos on iPhone, you can apply filters to your collage, crop it, rotate the collage, share the collage with others, export it to other apps, upload the created collage to the Google Photos service, convert & save the collage as PDF, etc.

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