Combine photos on iPhone

Photo collages are very popular in social media networks. It is a wonderful way to tell a story, convey an idea or preserve special moments in life. You can quickly make a photo collage by combining multiple photographs into one.

In this post, we’ll show you how create collages with various apps, in different ways on iPhone.

Method 1. Combine photos using PS Express

If you want to combine multiple photos into one or create photo collages on iPhone, the PS Express can help. This free image editor app provides us some very useful tools that can only be found in premium apps. In an earlier post, we introduced how it can help us add logo or watermark to photos on iPhone. Photo collage making or joining pictures is just another cool feature we love. Merging photos using this app on iPhone is intuitive and fast. And the result is very good. Don’t worry if you don’t have a technical background. It is powerful and yet easy to use.

Firstly, go to download the free version of this image editor from Apple App Store. You can use it to create photo collages without upgrading to the pro version. Some features or effects are locked in the free version though. We are using Adobe PS Express version 22.40.0, the most recent release as of Oct 2022, in this demo.

Launch the image editor on iPhone. If it requests the permission to your photos, approve it. After that, you’ll see your photos, screenshots and other images saved in your Camera Roll at the home screen of the image editor.

Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone

Tap on Collage from the top toolbar. Choose the images and photos you like to stitch together.

Adobe Photoshop Express select multiple photos to make collage on iPhone

Select multiple photos from your iPhone photo library to make collage with them. You can combine up to nine photos in a single collage.

Adobe Photoshop Express make collage choose layout on iPhone

Tap the layout icon to choose from grid, freeform, and shapes layouts. Swipe left or right to explore all of these collage layouts. Simply touch to apply a pattern.

Adobe Photoshop Express make collage select aspect ratio on iPhone

At the bottom of your screen, you can choose different aspect ratios according to your needs, square, device, 3×1, 2×1, 16×9, 3×2, 6×4, and many more. Various presets for social media are also available in the Aspect Ratio tab, such as Instagram, Instagram stories, FB story, FB post, FB profile, FB Profile Cover, WhatsApp Story, Twitter Post, Twitter Header, Pinterest, Medium, Linkedin Post, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. So you can decide where to use or share the collage first, the collage maker is able to automatically choose the optimized templates and aspect ratios for you.

Adobe Photoshop Express make collage select aspect ratio for social media on iPhone

More advanced editing tools at the screen bottom can make your picture collage more personalized. You can tap the Edit (pencil icon) to resize the photos in the collage, delete certain photo(s) from the collage, replace photo(s) in the collage, add new pictures to a collage and more. You can add filters, text, stickers, background color, background pattern to your image collage.

Adobe Photoshop Express make collage select text styles on iPhone

Tap the text icon to add text. Stylize your text by choosing from the available font styles. You can adjust the text opacity using the slider, add text color, easily pan, zoom, or rotate, and also adjust the placement of the text.

Finally tap the Save button at the top right corner to save the photo collage to your Camera Roll, open it with other app on your iPhone, or upload straight to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr.

Method 2. Make photo collage using Google Photos

The Photos by Google is not a dedicated photo collage app, but a smart photo & video manager and storage service. Google Photos has a simple collage maker that is perfect for quickly combining photos into a collage on iPhone. Note that with Google Photos, you ca select as many as 9 photos to merge into a collage. Google Photos doesn’t allow users to manually re-position the photos in a grid or change grid type. The app chooses a layout that it thinks suits best automatically.

google photos app for iphone ipad

Start Google Photos on your iPhone. Switch to the Library tab from the screen bottom. Tap Utilities at the top right of your iPhone’s screen. We are using Google Photos version 6.12.481510770, the most recent release as of Oct 2022, in this demo.

google photos library on iphone

Scroll down to find the Create New section where you can see Animation, Collage and Movie. Here choose Collage.

google photos utilities on iphone

Google Photos will access your Camera Roll on iPhone so you can choose photos to combine. You can select as many as 9 images, pictures, and/or screenshots to join together. Once you have selected all pictures you want to include in the collage, tap on Create option at the upper right corner. The collage will be automatically saved to your camera roll on iPhone.

select photos, create, edit, share, upload collage in Google photos on iPhone

Method 3. Create photo collage with Canva app

Speaking of collage making, there is another app we shouldn’t overlook, the Canva app, which has made the photo collage creation really easy. Unlike Google Photos, Canva doesn’t have one template, but thousands of templates. With so many professional templates to choose from, everyone could make collages with their pictures in couple of minutes. No advanced design skills required.

Download the free version of Canva before we get started.

canva graphic design creator

Launch the graphic editor app on your iPhone, do a search to quickly find the photo collage template you like.

filter, find free photo collage templates in canva app on iphone

Preview and select a collage template you like. Making a photo collage is very easy. All you need to do is to add or edit the text in the template, replace pictures in the template with your own photos, optionally adjust the style, position of the pictures with built-in tools.

edit photo collage in canva app on iphone

Tap on Save button to export the picture collage from Canva to your Camera Roll on iPhone.

Update Oct 2022: added Canva app which can also help us with photo collage making.

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