Connect to FTP server from iPhone

It is not often to connect to FTP server from our mobile phones. People usually connect to FTP servers using a FTP client on their Windows or Mac computers. There are still needs to connect to FTP file servers right on our smart phones. If you are planning to do so, this article is just for you. So how does an iPhone or iPad user connect to FTP servers? In an earlier guide, we showed how you can connect to FTP server on iPhone using iTransfer, an iPhone FTP client or FTP upload and download tool for iOS. Today, we will introduce you a great alternative, Owlfiles. You can use it for many different purposes other than FTP connection and file transfer.

Introducing Owlfiles

Formerly known as FE File Explorer, now renamed to Owlfiles. Access files on local storage, server, NAS and cloud storages. Transfer files from any location to another. Stream movies and music to your mobile or desktop device and even more.

Connect iPhone to FTP server to upload/download files

The process of connecting to FTP server from iPhone has been greatly simplified with this iPhone file manager and transfer app. Run the file manager app on iPhone. Tap the Add (+) button at the top right corner, you will then see a list of all supported connections, including Mac, Windows PC, Linux, various NAS, WebDAV, FTP and cloud storage services.

file explorer pro to create new connections from iphone

Choose FTP from above. Then enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

  • Host Name/IP: your FTP server IP address or domain name
  • User Name: your FTP account username
  • Password: the password for the above FTP account
create new ftp connection on iphone using fileexplorer ftp client

Tap Save to add the FTP connection to your iPhone. Now go back to the home screen of the iPhone file explorer app, at the lower section you can find the FTP server from the Connections list. Just tap to connect and access FTP server from iPhone.

Connect to local FTP server on Windows or Mac

You can also setup a local FTP server on your Windows PC or Mac computer, then use the FTP client for iPhone above to connect iPhone to PC or Mac through FTP for bulk file sharing, which is extremely fast and wireless.

Run the File Explorer on iPhone, go to its New Connection screen, scroll down to the button, you will see the Network Neighborhood section where your local FTP server can be detected automatically by the FTP client on iPhone. Tap on it, then log in using your computer login user ID and password.

Edit FTP server connection on iPhone

If you need to edit an existing FTP server connection on iPhone, swipe left over the FTP server, you will find the options to copy the FTP configuration, edit or delete the FTP setup from the file explorer or FTP client app on your iPhone.

Connect Secure FTP from iPhone

The File Explorer also supports SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol. Connecting your iPhone to SFTP servers is as easy as connecting to normal FTP servers using the built-in FTP client feature. In the New Connection setup screen, select Protocol >> SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol and fill in the Host Name/IP, Username and Password, then touch Save. It will automatically connect to the secure FTP server through the default port 22. Of course, you can manually specify the FTP port if your remote SFTP server uses a different customized port.

Upload and download files through FTP on iPhone

Once your iPhone is connected to the remote server through FTP, you can upload files from iPhone to FTP server or download files from FTP server to iPhone just like to copy files between different locations or folders on iPhone, or transfer files between iPhone local storage and iCloud.

Setup FTP server on iPhone

You can also setup the FTP server on iPhone, and then use your PC or Mac as the FTP client to access FTP server on iPhone for wireless file sharing in the local network. It is just another great way to bulk transfer large files across different devices of your own.

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