How to connect a wireless keyboard to iPhone via Bluetooth?

How can I type faster on my iPhone? The built-in virtual keyboard is too small for fast typing. If you type a lot, you may consider connecting a keyboard to iPhone which makes typing on iPhone a lot easier and much faster. But your keyboard can do more than just type. On most recent versions of iOS, users can even connect external keyboard to iPhone and take advantage of iPhone keyboard shortcuts or Commands which can easily perform actions like getting to the Home, access App Switcher, Control Center, Siri and other parts of iPhone without touching the screen.

Pair a keyboard to iPhone via Bluetooth

First of all, make sure the wireless keyboard is charged. Then power on the wireless keyboard. Depending on the device or brand, you may have to use different methods to power on the keyboard or enable Bluetooth pairing. Some may have a power switch and/or a Bluetooth button, some may not. For example, I am using a folding Bluetooth keyboard. It doesn’t have a manual power button. It turns on and off automatically when it folds/unfolds. And I have to press the Fn+C key combo to make the Bluetooth keyboard discoverable and ready for new connection via Bluetooth.

Once the external keyboard is ready. Unlock your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. If you see Allow New Connections, it means new bluetooth connections have been turned off from Control Centre, simply touch on Allow New Connections to turn it on which will put your iPhone in discovery mode.

iPhone bluetooth settings - allow new connections

Then scroll down to the bottom. Below the MY DEVICES, you will find the OTHER DEVICES section where all new devices found by iPhone will be listed. Tap on your wireless keyboard’s name in order to connect it to iPhone. Once connected, the bluetooth keyboard will show up in the MY DEVICES list.

iPhone pair new bluetooth devices

It is just that easy to pair a wireless keyboard with iPhone via Bluetooth.

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