Convert Black and White videos on iPhone

Want to create special visual effects using your native videos recorded using iPhone? FilmoraGo app can help you improve videos with new filters and other features. The video editor app for iPhone can edit many aspects of your iPhone videos, such as editing sound of video, adding special filters to video, controlling playing speed of your videos or even reverse videos, editing titles of video, merging videos, trimming videos, rotating videos on iPhone and many more. In a related article, we showed you how to convert full color photos to black-and-white photography on iPhone. Today, we will demonstrate how to convert a video to black and white using this video editor app for iPhone.

Convert Black and White videos on iPhone using Videoshop

Make sure to download the mobile phone video editor from above link. Then run it on your iPhone. There are two easy ways you can convert videos to black and white using this video editor on iPhone.

Method 1. Convert Black and White videos using filter

Simply apply the Black & White filter to your video, this is probably the easiest way you can make B&W videos on iPhone. When you open the video editor on iPhone, you will have the option to add video clip to the editor and the video editing screen opens.

edit video using videoshop video editor on iphone

Proceed to the next Choose Style screen, you will then see all kinds of filters available to you, B&W is one of the many filters in the video editor.

convert black white videos using b&w filter in videoshop app on iphone

Tap the B&W filter to apply it, then tap the Play button to preview the black and white video and proceed to the next step to save it.

Method 2. Convert Black and White videos by adjusting saturation

Other than video filter, you can also choose to edit the video saturation to create black and white videos on iPhone. Go back to its Edit screen, select Display from the toolbar at the lower section, then find and select Saturation, you will get a screen like this.

create black white video by adjusting saturation in videoshop app iphone

Drag the Saturation handle to the left end to turn videos into black and white.

Convert Black and White videos on iPhone using Filmorago

Filmorago is another video editor that can help turn color videos to black and white. Run this video editor, choose Create New Videos from its home screen. Then choose Video tab to find and add videos from your Camera Roll to the video editor app.

import videos to filmorago iphone video editor app

After you have added videos into the free iPhone video editor app, you can find a vertical bar of all kinds of tools and features on the right hand side of the app. You can swipe up or down to navigate through this bar. Find the Edit Tools and tap it to open more editing tools.

filmorago iphone video editor edit tools

You can then find many useful tools, such as Trim clip, Filters, Overlays, Elements, Titles, Speed, Volume, Duplicate, Rotate and so on. To convert iPhone videos to Black & White, you need to choose Filters, then you can find a wide variety of filters in this free video editor app for iPhone. See below screenshot.

convert black & white videos on iphone using filmorago video editor

To turn full color videos to Black & White videos on iPhone, tap on BW (which is short for Black and white) first from the bottom, then drag the percentage calculator at the left hand side up to 100% to turn videos into black and white. You can preview the video in real time in the Viewer window. When you are satisfied with the effect, tap OKAY button to save the change and Press Save button to save the video and finally export the black and white video to iPhone Photos app or your Camera Roll. At the video share and save screen, you have many different options to save or share your videos. For example, you can directly publish the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and so on. You can also send the video via email, share the video via a chat app, like WhatsApp or WeChat, etc.

filmorago iphone video editor export & share options

Convert Black and White videos on Android, PC or Mac

This free video editor for iPhone, also comes with a free version for Android which you can download from Google Play Store. If you want to transfer videos to computer and edit the video on your laptop or desktop, you can make use of its desktop version. See this tutorial to convert black and white videos on computer. Its desktop version offers many more features than the mobile versions.

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