Convert PowerPoint to PDF on iPhone iPad

Want to send your presentation slides to someone who might not have MS Office installed on the mobile? You can convert them to PDF which is universally accepted by all kinds of devices. You do not need to look for third-party tools that can convert PPT or PPTX slides to PDF as Microsoft PowerPoint already has the built-in feature to export PPT as PDF. Here’s how.

Converting PowerPoint to PDF on iPhone iPad

If you have PowerPoint on your Windows PC, you may already know that you can use the export feature to directly convert PowerPoint slides to PDF on your computer.

We can also create PDF documents using PowerPoint on iPhone iPad. We use an iPhone 8 in the demo. If you use PowerPoint on iPad or another iPhone model, you may see the difference in appearance. Run PowerPoint on your iOS device. Open the PPT or PPTX file using PowerPoint. Tap the File menu at the top left, you will then get the side menu as shown below.

export powerpoint presentation as pdf on iphone

Choose Export >> PDF (*.pdf), type the PDF file name, choose a location to save it, finally hit the Export button at the top right corner.

You can upload the PDF document to your cloud hosting account, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or your local storage on iPhone or iPad.

If you saved the PDF to iPhone or iPad, you can access it from the Files app. Run Files app on iPhone or iPad, open the “On My iPhone” or “On My iPad” directory, you will find the PowerPoint folder where your created presentation slides and PDF documents are saved. You can directly open a PDF file in the Files app and then send or share it from there. For example, you can choose to attach the PDF file to email as attachment and send it to anyone with an email address.

Do not have an email account on the iOS device? See this guide to add Hotmail account to iPad just as an example. If you want to share PDF files as attachment through email but can’t setup your email account on the iPhone or iPad, leave us a message in the comment section below.

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