Convert slo-mo videos to normal speed on iPhone

Slow motion videos can usually be seen in action movies. They can also be used for capturing sports events, natural phenomena or creating artistic effects. Typically when a film is captured at a much faster frame rate than it will be played back, you see the slo-mo effects. For example, you recorded a video at a rate of 60 frames per second and then play it at normal speed, say 24 frames per second, or play normally recorded footage at a slower speed. Nowadays premium smart phones can help us record slo-mo videos without extra equipment or even third-party slo-mo video capture apps.

Being one of the most advanced smartphone, iPhone is quite capable of slow motion video recording. Jump into the Settings >> Camera >> Record Slo-mo, you will see the slow motion video recording settings. For instance, you can choose to record slo-mo videos in 1080P HD at either 120 fps or 240 fps on an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. to shoot a slow motion video on your iPhone, open the Camera app, you will see the camera modes at the lower section of your iPhone screen. Swipe to right to reveal and enable Slo-Mo mode, then capture the video. Find out more details from this guide to record slo-mo videos on iPhone.

Have you ever wanted to convert slow motion videos to normal speed or frame rate? Sometimes we may inadvertently activated the slo-mo mode when we meant to capture a regular video or photo. If you are running out of space on your iPhone, try converting Slow Motion videos to normal video can greatly reduce file size and save space. Luckily iOS has the built-in feature to help us easily remove the slow motion effect and convert them to normal video with regular speed right on iPhone. Here’s how to do it.

Launch the Photos app on iPhone, find the slow motion video, tap Edit. There will be a series of vertical lines or marks below the video. The section where the marks are more spaced out is the slow-motion portion of the video. Between the slow-motion section and the regular-speed sections are two little sliders or bars. Now drag anyone of the sliders to shrink into other. This will eliminate the Slow Motion portion of the video. Tap the Done button when you are done.

convert slo-mo video and remove slow motion from video on iphone

Note that, you can only choose to add or remove slow-motion effect when you take a video in slo-mo mode at the first place. If you record a regular video and want to add slow motion effect later, you can refer to this guide to change video speed on iPhone using a third-party video editor.

Update Aug 2022: this article was originally published in Mar 2018 and has since been updated. in this update, added the link to the iPhone slo-mo video recording guide so you can find more information about the slow motion video capture settings and options.

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  1. PERFECT! This was AWESOME HELP! πŸ‘ Videos of a major music performance back! Daughter and her band won’t be upset with me now for accidentally hitting the slow mo πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Thank you!

  2. This does not actually help with the file size. The iPhone still stores the video at 120/240 fps if you do this. This is not a good solution.

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