Convert video to GIF on iPhone

ImgPlay makes it very easy to create GIF files on iPhone. In this quick guide, we will show you how to convert videos to GIFs with this GIF maker on iPhone. Download this GIF creator app first if not yet. Note that you can purchase its pro version to unlock many additional features. In this demo, we will only use its free version.

Run the GIF creator app, you will be asked to choose file type and source file. Choose Video, then browse to your video albums on iPhone, find and import the source video to the GIF maker app. Except videos, you can also import photos, Live Photos, Burst photos and convert them into GIF files.

import video to imgplay gif maker on iPhone

After that the Trim screen opens where you can play the video, use the handles to select the starting and ending frames.

trim video in imgplay gif maker on iPhone

At the bottom of this screen you have the option to adjust the FPS. Framerate, the number of frames per second, will determine the total number of frames rendered in the final image. By default it is set to 10. The higher the framerate, the bigger the file size. When you change the FPS, the video length will change at the same time.

change FPS settings for gif in ImgPlay gif maker on iPhone

Tap on Next button at the top right corner to proceed. Now the Edit screen opens where you have more options to customize the GIF file. For example, you can preview and select which photos or frames to keep, crop the frames, add text, filters, change playback speed, change brightness/contrast/saturation/warmth/sharpen/tint/hue/shadow, add stickers, add boarders, apply mosaic, impose logo, and so on.

edit gif with imgplay gif maker on iPhone

You can make changes and view them instantly. Once you are satisfied with the result, tap on Save button at the top right corner to open the Share or Save screen. You can press on the Save to Photos button, then set image quality and loop option before save the GIF file to Photos app. Higher image quality will result bigger file size.

ImgPlay gif maker save and share gif iPhone

If you like to limit the file size of the output GIF file, choose GIF Size, then set the maximum size before exporting it to the Photos app.

Convert videos to GIF without apps

The Make GIF tool in Shortcuts can help iPhone users make a GIF from a video on iPhone without any app.

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