Convert voice memos from m4a to MP3 or WAV on iPhone

iPhone saves voice memos as .m4a files. You can’t use the Voice Memos app to record audio as MP3, WAV or other formats. If you need a voice recording on iPhone to be encoded in a different codec, you can convert the voice recording to a different file format using iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes on your computer or you don’t have access to a computer, you can use an audio editor app to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 or other formats. In a related article, we used a voice recorder to record sounds in MP3, WAV format on iPhone. This free sound recorder can also help us convert iPhone voice memos from M4A to MP3 or WAV format. Here is how to do that.

Step 1. Copy recordings from Voice Memos to the Recorder

Open Voice Memos app on iPhone, select the recording, tap the menu (three dots), choose Share … from the pop-up menu at the bottom. From the action menu, choose Copy to AVR

Step 2. Convert M4A to MP3, WAV on iPhone

Open the AVR app on iPhone. Download the free audio recorder from this link if not yet. There will be an Imported folder where you can find the voice recordings imported from other apps. Tap to select the audio recording, you will see the play control bar at the screen bottom. Touch the Edit icon at the right corner to open the Edit screen.

convert m4a wav mp3 m4r on iphone using awesome voice recorder

Tap the Edit icon again to pop up the File Format menu. You can find WAV, M4A, M4R and MP3 from the menu list. Select MP3 or WAV to convert the voice memo from M4A to MP3 or WAV. If like, you can also convert the voice memo to iPhone ringtone in M4R format. 

The converted audio file will also be saved to the Imported folder in the AVR app on iPhone. You can then share the audio files via Wi-Fi, Email, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, SoundCloud, AirDrop, or Open In.

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  1. Have down all the above but am not given option to convert. Even pro version does not give option to convert file to mp3

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