Converting photos to PDF on iPhone iPad

iOS doesn’t offer a native way to create PDF files from image files on iPhone and iPad. Luckily there are some useful third-party apps that can convert PDFs on iOS devices. We have listed several ways to convert photos to PDF on iPhone here. Today we will introduce another great PDF converter which has made the task of converting photos, pictures, screenshots, other image files in JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC formats to PDFs on iOS super simple.

PDF Converter app by Readdle is one of the best PDF converters you can find on App Store. There are mainly two methods to convert pictures to PDF documents on iPhone or iPad using this converter.

pdf converter app ios

Method 1. Converting photos to PDF from Photos app

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad to access your Camera Roll. Tap Select at the top right, touch to choose the image(s) you want to convert. Touch the Action menu at the bottom left corner, choose Convert to PDF from the menu to convert the selected photos to PDF on your iPhone or iPad.

When the conversion completes, you will get a message saying your PDF is ready. Tap the Done button to stay in the Photos app to convert more photos, or tap the Go to File button to find the converted PDF file in the converter app.

If you select only one image and convert it to PDF, you will get a single page PDF file; if you select and convert multiple photos, you will get a multi-page PDF file. The PDF file will be saved to the PDF Converter, in its Documents tab. You can open the PDF converter and share the converted PDF files from there.

pdf converter app iphone

If you can’t see the Convert to PDF option from the action menu, swipe right, tap the More icon, enable the toggle Convert to PDF and tap Done.

Method 2. Converting images to PDF in the converter

Launch PDF Converter and select the Photos tab. If you were asked to grant permission, do so to give the converter access to your Camera Roll.

Any image you selected will be converted and opened as a PDF file inside the PDF converter app. You can find them in the Documents tab.

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