Create black and white photos on your iPhone

You have two choices to create black and white photos on iPhone. You can either take photos in black and white in the first place, or take photos in color and then convert them into black and white afterwards. Check out details below.

Note that it’s not possible to shoot videos in Black & White using the default Camera app on iPhone. Although you can’t film it that way but you can easily apply the B&W filter in iMovie which should already be installed on your iPhone by default. For more information, do not miss out these steps to create black and white videos in iMovie on iPhone. Other than that, you can always download and use camera apps from Apple App Store to shoot and/or convert black and white videos.

Take black and white photos on iPhone

By selecting visual effects, you can quickly create B&W pictures on iPhone. Run the stock Camera app on your device, tap the Effects icon, then choose an effect, such as Mono, Noir, Silvertone, after that point your camera and shoot to take black and white photos directly. This is the easiest way to create black and white pictures on iPhone.

Convert black and white photos on iPhone

We recommend you take photos in color, then convert them into B&W on iPhone. By doing so, you will have both a color version and a B&W of the photos in your Camera Roll. Although it requires the extra step of removing the color in post-processing.

Launch the stock Photos app on iPhone, select the image you like to edit. Press the Edit button, choose Effects, then browse through the effects to preview and apply. See below screenshot.

convert black white photos using effects on iphone

Converting black and white photos on iPhone as an advanced user

Recent iOS and iPhone models also have more advanced settings and parameters for skilled users who like to customize their black and white photos. Again open the Photos app on iPhone, select Edit, then touch the clock icon with dotted circle around, you will then find the settings to adjust photo color, lighting and B&W parameters. Tap the down arrow icon, and a menu of individual tools will show up. they allow you make precise adjustments of intensity, neutrals, tone, grain.

convert black white photos - adjust bw parameters on iphone

How to make Selective Black and White images on iPhone?

One of the many questions I get is how to do selective coloring or create selective or partial black and white photos on iPhone. Check out this guide to make picture background in Black and White on iPhone. By doing so you can make the subject your want to highlight in color but the background in B&W.

Update 2018: this article was published in 2017. in this update, we added the black and white video recording and converting.

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