Create flowchart using iThoughtsX on iPhone

iThoughts is a mindmapping tool for the iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows. You can use it to visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information. Other than that, it can serves other purposes as well. For example, when you want to explain something better, you can use it to create an intuitive diagram; when you need to give complex conditional instructions to someone, you can make an illustrative flowchart. In this article, we will you how to use iThoughts to quickly create a flow chart on iPhone. You can find more details and download iThoughts mind mapping app here.

Open iThoughts app on your iPhone. Tap the Add button (+ icon) in the up right of screen or Create Document (+ icon) at the upper left section. Then type in a name for the new map, choose a pre-defined style for it, and tap on the Create button.

You start with a blank canvas and the first shape, called node, that is titled ‘thought’. This is the root node. Any other node you created relate to the root node. As you add nodes, enter the text for them.

create work process flowchart ithoughts iphone
create work process flowchart ithoughts iphone

Tap a node to pop up the toolbar where you can find options to cut, copy, paste, group, attach, etc. Double-tap a node to add or edit text.

Tap the node you want to add a related node to and then use the buttons at the top toolbar of the screen to create new nodes, child or sibling nodes.

To connect two topic or node, tap to select the first topic, tap on the link icon from the top menu bar, then tap the related topic to link them.

iThoughts mind mapping tool supports both landscape and portrait modes. So hand your device horizontally or vertically according to your needs.

You can export your project or flowchart to different files or formats, like MS Powerpoint/Keynote (PPTX), MS Word/Pages (DOCX), MS Project (XML), PDF, PNG, Markdown, Website (HTML + attachments), Flashcard ( /, Things (Task Management App), iCloud Calendar/Reminders.

iPhone chart & diagram making alternatives

XMind is another chart and diagram creator for iPhone iPad you can choose. In earlier posts, we demonstrated how you can use it to create Tree Chart for free using XMind app, create Org Chart for free on iPhone iPad.

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