Create GIF on iPhone

Want to turn your own photos or videos into dynamic GIF image on iPhone? ImgPlay provides us the easiest way to do that. It can make animated GIF from videos, photos, burst, live photos, screenshots, images on iPhone and iPad.

Get ImgPlay GIF maker app on to your iPhone or iPad.

Run the GIF creator app on your iOS device. Browse to your Camera Roll or photo library to find and add the source image files or video into the GIF maker. You will then get a screen like this.

convert images, photos to GIF on iphone using Imgplay
convert images, photos to GIF on iphone

Tap the Frame View icon at the top right corner, then drag & drop the thumbs to reorder the frames or images. You can also delete frames or images from there.

You can add text to your GIF file, rotate & crop your photos or videos. When you convert a video to GIF, and like to make it more fun, try change its play direction (Forward, Reverse, Back & Forth).

Tap Next button at the top right corner, you will be taken to the Share or Save screen. You can save the GIFs to your camera roll, or share them instantly to Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat or any other apps you love.

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