Better ways to create great photo slideshow on iPhone for free

When you have taken a lot of photos on iPhone, you may want to convert the photos to slideshow video and share with your family and friends. In this article, we will show you two easier and better ways to create great photo shows or slideshow videos using your photos and pictures on iPhone.

How to create a photo slideshow video on iPhone using Videoshop?

Videoshop is our favorite video editor for iPhone. It was designed to help iOS users personalize their videos. We have several articles before introducing how it can help us edit or customize our videos on iPhone. Photo slideshow making is a hidden feature many users may ignore. In fact, this video editor can create stunning photo shows easier than many slideshow maker apps.

Get this video editor app before we get started.

Open the video editor on iPhone, you will be asked to either record a video or import a video. Choose the latter, then it opens your Video album on iPhone. Switch from Videos to Photos tab, then browse through your photo album, select and import multiple photos from your Camera Roll to the video editor app on iPhone. You can also add videos and mix them with static photos in one slideshow video. You will see a screen like this.

make iphone photo slideshow using videoshop

You can just tap Next to save the added photos as a photo slideshow video without editing them at all. This will create a very simple slideshow video. To make your photo show more appealing, you may add text to slides, add sound or background music to slideshow, change slide display time, set transition effects between slides and so on.

How to add Text to slides?

Tap on the thumbnail of a picture from the story board at the bottom to bring it to front, then choose TEXT from the toolbar at the lower section, you will then see ‘Double tap to edit’ in the preview area. Follow the onscreen tips to choose font and its color and add text or title to the photo slides.

How to add transition effects to slides?

Tap on the thumbnail of a picture from the story board at the bottom to bring it to front, then choose TRANX from the toolbar at the lower section, you will then see the dialogue to select a transition.

How to add sound to photo slideshow?

You can tap SOUND or DUB to add built-in sounds or music songs saved on your iPhone to the slideshow video as its background sound or music. Choose VOICE you like to record any sound, voice.

How to change photo display time?

You can touch the SETTINGS from the tool bar to set a global duration of photo slides. If you like to set display duration of certain slide, touch the thumbnail of it, a small clock icon displays over the thumbnail, touch it again, this time you will see the Duration bar under the preview area, above the toolbar.

How to create a free photo slideshow on iPhone using FilmoraGo?

The iPhone photo slideshow maker is another great choice. FilmoraGo is a free iPhone video editor app that can help users edit videos, create slideshows using photos and video clips.

Run this iPhone photo slideshow creator app on the device, you will see its home screen like below.

filmorago iphone video editor home

Add photos, pictures to slideshow
Choose Create New Video from its home page, you will then be taken to a screen where you can select and add photos, videos from your gallery or albums on iPhone or download photos and videos from your Facebook or Instagram account.

filmorago iphone video editor select photos

Use slideshow themes
When you have selected and added media files to the slideshow builder app for iPhone, you can go to pick up a theme or template to your photo show on iPhone.

filmorago iphone video editor select theme

Add your favorite Music to slideshow
Add your favorite Music from your iPhone library or free songs provided by the iPhone slideshow video maker app.If you mixed background music and the sound recorded in the video, you can refer to this guide to change the volume of video’s sound and background music on iPhone. This can help you adjust the volume of both audio in the video and added background music. You can choose to emphasize video, make the video’s sound louder than music; or emphasize music, make the music louder than the video’s sound.

filmorago iphone video editor select music

Apply transition effects in slideshow
Dynamic transitions can help make professional photo slideshows. To apply certain transition effect, tap on the + Add icon between two pictures, then swipe up or down in the transitions bar on the left to find the transition you like and touch on it to apply.

filmorago iphone video editor select transitions

Edit photo slides
To take your slideshow video to the next level, you can use more powerful slide editor tools. For example, you can change the display time or duration of certain slide, add special filters, overlays or titles to a photo or video slide, etc.

filmorago iphone video editor photo edit tools main

Make iPhone photo slideshow on computer

Except making slideshows using your photos on iPhone, you can also export photos from iPhone to your desktop or laptop, then use its Windows version or Mac version to build photo video slideshow movies. The desktop version is even more powerful. You will find extra features, such as PIP, Green Screen, Reverse, Screen Record, Video Stabilization, over 300 unique Video Effects, etc. Check out this guide to make a Photo Video Slideshow Movie on PC/Mac.

FilmoraGo free iPhone slideshow maker features

Mix photos, videos and music

You can import photos and videos from your iPhone Camera Roll or download media files from your Facebook account or Instagram account to this slideshow maker directly. You can use songs purchased in iTunes or any other music tracks saved on your iPhone as the background music of your slideshow movie. Other than your own music, this slideshow app comes with many free licensed songs that you can put in your slideshow movie.

Awesome template and effects with a Touch

Amazing themes are built-in so you can one click to apply them to your slideshow video. You can create professional photo show on iPhone without any technical knowledge and it is totally free.

Powerful photo & video editors

You can trim videos, rotate videos, reverse videos, merge multiple video clips, slow down or speed up videos, change slide duration, add filters or overlays to photos and videos, add text and titles, add graphics and elements, etc. To combine multiple pictures and videos seamlessly, you can apply transitions between them. Many stunning dynamic transitions can be used in your slideshow, such as Dissolve, Wipe, Split, Shutter, Zoon in, Zoom out, and many more.

Share photo slideshow easily

Save photo slide shows to your Camera Roll on iPhone, or instantly share on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or Email.

Slideshow making alternatives

VideoShop is a video editor for iPhone with many extra useful features. Check out following steps to make a photo slideshow video using VideoShop on iPhone iPad.

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