Create Org Chart on iPhone for FREE

Org Chart is short for organizational chart or organization chart is a kind of diagram that are widely used to show hierarchical structure of an organization or company and the relationships of its parts. XMind mind mapping is one of the most professional and popular mind mapping tools for iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use its free version to create an Org chart for free. In this guide, we will use XMind on iPhone to show you the quick steps to create organizational chart for your company or organization on iPhone.

Visit the previous linked page to download the free organization chart maker from App Store onto your iPhone or iPad before you get started with your own Organizational chart design.

Create Org Chart on iPhone

Run the diagram maker app on your iPhone. The UI is insanely simple. When you launch the XMind app, a page shows XMind Recent. Since it is the first time you open it, thus there is not any projects listed here. Tap the plus sign on the top right of the screen to open the Templates page, select a template to start your organization chart design.

Xmind mind mapping app for iPhone

From the Org Chart templates section, you can find several templates with different frames, fonts, background colors, shapes and lines. Choose a template you prefer to start customizing your company structure chart or Org chart.

Create, edit Org Chart for free using XMind app on iPhone iPad
Create, edit Org Chart using XMind app

Choose style & structure:

Tap on the Brush icon at the top right section to bring up the Style & Sheet menu at the lower section of your screen. Here you can preview and apply various styles, customize fill color, change structure style, shape, border color, border width, branch color, branch shape, branch width, text font, text color, font size, etc.

Edit elements:

Tap on an element to show the tools. You can edit the text, apply a quick style, delete an element, copy style, copy, paste and duplicate element.

Create new branches:

Tap on an existing branch or department, you will see two buttons at the bottom right corner to create new departments or branches.

More features

Touch the + (Plus) icon at the top right corner to see more advanced features(some of them are available only with the premium version).

  • Add stickers, photos;
  • Audio note;
  • Add relationship, boundary, summary;
  • Add marker, label, note, hyper links, attachment, etc.
add elements to org chart in Xmind on iPhone

Save and export Org Chart

In the compose screen, tap the Back icon at the top left corner of the screen to return to the XMind Recents page and your project will be saved automatically.

If you have finished your organizational chart diagram, tap the More menu(three dots) at the top right corner, then choose Print to print it out to paper, or choose Share to save it as PNG or PDF file on your iPhone iPad.

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