Create QR codes on iPhone iPad

There are mainly two ways you can create QR codes. You can either use a online QR code creator or a QR code maker app to generate QR codes. EPQRCode is a free QR code generator app for iOS. It provides iPhone iPad users an extremely easy and flexible way to create QR codes on iOS device.

You can find apps for scanning QR codes on nearly all smartphone devices. iPhone has the built-in QR code scanner. Check out this tutorial to scan QR codes on iPhone iPad without any third-party QR scanner.

Create QR codes on iPhone iPad for free

Search and download the free QR code maker app from App Store. Or download it below.
get the app

Open EFQRCode app on your iPhone, you will see both Recognizer and Generator from its home screen. The Recognizer is the QR code reader that you can use to scan QR codes on iPhone. To make your own QR codes, select Generator to open a screen like this.

create qr code on iphone using efqrcode free qr code maker

In the QR code creating screen, you need to firstly type what data you want to convert to QR code image. It could be your website address, coupons, tickets, mobile wallet and payment, contact information, just to name a few.

Customize QR code image size

Adjust the size or magnification to resize the QR code image

Edit foreground and background color

By default the foreground will be white and background is black. You can manually change different colors. It is recommended to select and use high contrast color combinations.

Embed logo & add watermark to QR code

You can put your logo, signature, profile photo or any image file in the middle of the QR code, and/or add watermark to the QR code. Do not miss out this guide to make QR code with logo or image in the center on iPhone.

There are more settings you can tweak to further customize your QR code image on iPhone. When you are ready, touch the Create button at the bottom to generate the QR code.

save qr code on iphone using efqrcode free qr code creator

Tap Save to export the QR code from the QR code maker to your Camera Roll on iPhone. You can then go to print it out using a printer, send it through email or a chat app, upload it to a cloud service or your website, etc. Make sure to test it before use.

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    1. the EFQRCode can still be found in the US store, although not been updated in the past two years. it may not be found in some countries though.

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