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crop resize image tool

Crop Resize Image Tool is a image and photo editor on App Store. It is a very small (only 10.6 MB for current version 2.8.1) and fast image editor tool, without any fancy styles or effects you can choose, it simply crop, resize, flip and rotate your photos, and it does these simple jobs better than other image tools for iPhone iPad, notably the accurate pixels and resolution control. You can use it to crop images to specific pixels, resize photos on iPhone to any resolutions you like. See how to crop images to specific dimensions on iPad iPhone?

Crop & Resize

Crop & resize photos with 1px precision

Effects & filters

Professional effects & filters, advanced controls

Presets vs customisation

Various presets to choose from, editable presets, manual input support

Batch editing

Batch processing and sharing

how to

download the app

crop image to specific dimensions using ipad iphone

Crop-Size Image Tool for iPad & iPhone

  • Crop & reverse crop, they make cropping fast and convenient without losing image quality, with crop frame screen, crop aspect ratios, easy crop frame 1px correction.
  • Batch process images, cropping, resizing, etc. See this link to batch resize photos on iPhone iPad.
  • Resize & reverse resize, image quality miraculously returns on reverse resize
  • Flip images in one gesture, swipe from left to right, right to left
  • Rotate images in one gesturetop, swipe to bottom, bottom to top
  • Quick load & quick save in image library in one step


I import 24Mpx images to my phone and run them through Perfectly Clear. Out of several hundred photo apps I own, with dozens on my phone at any given time, this app is #2 in my workflow.

The elegance of the crop function alone is worth the price. Batch resizing AND cropping is done with no fuss or drag.

Graded on a curve, set against my extensive collection of photo apps, my opinion is:

Functionality A+

Usability A+

Excellent! Very useful!

l routinely capture screenshots on my iPad Pro 12.9 and need to crop and downsize images for Keynote and PowerPoint.
This software makes it EASY.
I simply resize, then custom crop the first one, then save it as a PROGRAM (workflow). This creates an optimize file size with the image cropped to my needs.
I can then select multiple images and in an instant optimize every one.
This makes my iPad Pro MUCH more useful. I used to have to use my Mac for this workflow.

Ability to save a workflow is AWESOME

I only write reviews if i really like a product. Anything else is just a waste of my time. But CropSize is definitely worth the few seconds it takes to praise it! I must’ve gone through a half dozen programs that either didn’t do what I needed or weren’t intuitive enough. This app definitely deserves all the stars I can give it!


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