Delete all contacts on iPhone using MCbackup

Speaking of data management, iPhone could be very different from Android. For new iPhone users, it takes some time to get used to it. Cases in point? The Contacts is the default app for contacts and phone number management on iPhone, but lacks important features. Notably, users can’t batch delete multiple contacts at the same time. In earlier articles, we recommended WeSync! app which offers many useful functions related to contacts management, backup, restore, transfer and more. See this tutorial to delete multiple or all contacts on iPhone using this free app. In September 2016, an app update had ditched language support to English and others, leaving Chinese the only available language. The developer, Tencent, has several other popular apps, such as QQ and WeChat with lots of international users. We have seen the company carrying out more and more market events to further develop international markets. We have no idea why this popular app was discontinued all of a sudden.

If you are here searching for a free app to remove all contacts from iPhone or iPad, we suggest you the MCbackup app for iOS. It comes with both free and pro versions. To batch delete contacts on iPhone, you can just use its free version and you can find the download link of this free tool at the bottom of this article.

Run MCbackup on iPhone, you will see a big button to backup contacts on iPhone.

free iphone contacts backup app mcbackup

As its name reveals, this is a iPhone contacts backup app. Go to make a backup of your data before you delete them. Read these instructions to backup iPhone contacts to email so you can easily transfer or restore the contacts to any other devices you like or even import them back to iPhone. Once the backup file has been created, go back to its home screen, tap the Settings icon at the bottom right corner. Scroll down to the screen bottom, you should find the ‘Remove All Contacts‘ button with red background. Tap it, you will see a confirmation dialogue which reads, ‘All of the contact in your Address Book will be deleted. Are you sure?‘ If you are ready to remove all iPhone contacts, touch the OK button, then all contacts on iPhone will be deleted instantly.

remove all contacts from iphone at once using mcbackup app

Other alternatives to delete contacts from iPhone

Unlike the WeSync app, MCbackup does not allow us to select and delete contacts. It simply batch delete all contacts on iPhone. If you want to select and delete part of the contacts on iPhone, you will need to use WeSync app. At this moment it has only Chinese version, however we have this guide to batch delete contacts on iPhone with screenshots and translations. Also you can download and use a iPhone data manager on PC or Mac to easily manage files and documents on iPhone. Tunesgo is a nice option. It is much easier than iTunes. Check this guide to delete multiple or all contacts from iPhone to find out.

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