Delete VPN Connections from AnyConnect on iPhone

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is an SSL VPN client that provides reliable and easy-to-deploy encrypted (SSL) network connectivity for mobile devices. You can search and download AnyConnect app from App Store if you use iPhone. The setup and removal of VPN connections via AnyConnect is easy. If you have trouble deleting VPN profiles or connections from iPhone, check out below steps.

Run AnyConnect app on iPhone, its Home tab opens by default. On this screen, you can find the option to quickly turn on your VPN connection. You can find the VPN details and access existing VPN connections or create new VPN connection. See below screenshot.

anyconnect connections on iphone

Tap on the current VPN name besides ‘Connections’ as shown in above screenshot. You will be taken to a new screen like below.

add or manage vpn connections in anyconnect on iphone

This is the place you can add new VPN connections or profiles. You can also edit or delete existing VPN from here. Touch the Info icon to edit existing VPN profile in AnyConnect on iPhone. You can then edit VPN connection name, server address or more advanced settings. At the bottom of this screen, you can tap on ‘Delete VPN connection’ button to remove selected VPN profile from iPhone. Meanwhile this VPN profile will also be deleted from iPhone Settings >> General >> VPN section.


If you have multiple VPN connections created using this Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on iPhone and like to delete all of them in one go, you can simply delete this AnyConnect app on iPhone, this will also delete all VP profiles created in it.

Depending on how you set up VPN connection on iPhone, you may use different methods to remove them.

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