Disable iOS App Alerts and Notifications

If you are tired of some spamming alerts or notifications on your iPhone, iPad, you can go to disable them from notificatins settings. If you are on iOS 8, go to Settings >> Notifications, you will then find all installed apps on your iPhone or iPad, see below screenshot.

notifications settings in ios 8

Downloaded iOS apps will be separated into two groups “Include” and “Do not include“. To disable or stop alerts and notifications of an App for iPhone or iPad, select the iOS app from the Include section, you will open the Notifications settings for the selected app. See below as an example.

ios app notifications settings

To completely disable or stop notifications from iOS app, flip the Allow Notifications option to off. You can also choose to leave Allow Notifications to be on and allow or disable some its alerts, sound, badge app icon, show on lock screen, etc.

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