How to enter backslash on iPhone iPad?

Can’t find backslash on an iPhone or iPad? Some symbols on the keyboard are not used very often but still very useful, such as the backslash. Here we list several ways to enter backslash for those who can’t locate the backslash from the virtual keyboard on their iPhone or iPad.

When the virtual keyboard shows on your device screen, tap the 123 key, which is can be found at the bottom left corner, to open the Numbers keyboard. You will see two rows of symbols below the numbers. The Forward Slash can be found here. Now tap the #+= key to open another screen where you can find more symbols. You should now find the backslash \ this time.

enter backslash on iPhone iPad

In fact whenever you can see the the forward slash / on the keyboard, you can always try to long press on it see if the slash selection menu pops up and choose backslash from there.

Other than the above two methods to type in or input backslash \ using the virtual keyboard on iPhone iPad, you can always use Dictation to input backslash .

If you are connected to the internet, you can also search for backslash on Bing or Google, then copy and paste this symbol to anywhere you like to enter the backslash on your iOS device.

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