ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer is a local and network file management tool that can help you manage files easily.

ES File Explorer File Manager for iPhone iPad

File management

  • You can create new directories, rename, move, delete files, etc.
  • Support file sorting by name, date, size
  • The iPad version supports features such as split screen, picture-in-picture, and drag-and-drop operations between apps

File transfer

  • WiFi transmission function: support the transfer of files between the mobile terminal and the computer terminal
  • Face-to-face fast transfer function: support for transferring files between mobile phones

Compress and decompress

  • Support the compression and decompression of ZIP, RAR, 7Z format files
  • Support Chinese password

Built-in audio and video player

  • Support functions: double-speed playback (0.5~2.0), background playback, small window playback, etc.
  • Can directly play audio and video resources in the network disk, local area, and local area network

Netdisk aggregation

  • No need to download, you can access and use the files in the network disk
  • Support simultaneous login with multiple accounts on the same network disk
  • Support mainstream network disks such as Baidu network disk, google drive, OneDrive, dropbox, etc.

Remote service access:


Built-in PDF editor

  • Support PDF file browsing
  • PDF file editing: supports highlight, underline, strike-through, pen and other functions

Built-in novel reader

Support TXT, EPUB format, continuous optimization

Built-in code editor

  • Supports browsing and editing of 47 code formats such as json, js, log, java, php, swift, xml, net, etc.
  • Support code theme switching, font size adjustment, encoding format adjustment

Other functions

  • Automatic backup function: support incremental backup of system albums and ES local files to Baidu network disk, SMB, FTP, WebDAV
  • Recycle bin function: support ES local files to be temporarily stored in the ES recycle bin after deletion to prevent file loss
  • Browser: Support web browsing
  • Application lock: protect user privacy and safety


Download this app for free (with in-app purchase) from the App Store below.

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