Export frames from a video iPhone

Sometimes you may want to use certain image or frame from a video saved on iPhone. For example, you may like to extract a frame and print it out. Unfortunately there is no option in the Photos app to extract frames or photos from videos on iPhone. It is fine if you don’t need the frame or image to be in high or good quality, as you can simply take a screenshot of the frame to save it as a still image on iPhone. What if we need to grab high quality photos other than lower resolution screenshots from high resolution videos on iPhone? In an previous post, we demonstrated how to extract frames from GIF file on iPhone using the free version of ImgPlay GIF Maker app. In fact, this app can also help us export and save still pictures from videos on iPhone.

Firstly, we will guide you through the process of exporting frames from iPhone videos using the ImgPlay app. Additionally, towards the end of this post, we will introduce several other apps and tools that can also assist iPhone users in capturing still images from videos.

Export video frames using ImgPlay app

Download this app from the App store if not yet and follow below steps to extract still images from videos on iPhone.

Open the app on your device, you will be prompted to choose source files, whether they are videos, photos, GIFs or other compatible formats. Choose Video from the category, then browse to the video albums in the Photos app to find the video and import it to the editor.

On the Edit screen you can find various tools you can make use of to edit the video, such as Canvas, Crop, Text, Filter, Sticker, Border, Speed, etc. At the top right corner, you can find the Save button along with the Frame View button.

imgplay edit GIF on iphone

Tap on Frame View to preview all frames and photos inside the video. Tap on the magnifier icon above a thumbnail to view the frame or image in full screen. Once the frame opens in full screen, tap on the Menu(three dots icon) at the top right corner to bring up the menu at the bottom of the screen. Choose Share or Save > Save Image to save the image frame from the GIF file to the Photos app on your iPhone. The exported frames will be saved as PNG images on your iPhone.

export and save images, frames from video using ImgPlay on iPhone

More apps to grab still pictures from iPhone videos

Except the free GIF maker app, ImgPlay, we also found several other software apps that can be used to grab images or take snapshot of videos on iPhone, such as Google Photos for iOS, VLC player for desktop, QuickTime Player for Mac, etc. You can find more details from this tutorial to convert videos to images on iPhone, iPad and computer.

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